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Saturday, July 24, 2010

7/24/10 Home Again, Home Again...Jiggity Jig!

I'm home! Exhausted, but home! It was my fourth trip out to Ohio and the big move is done. We got all their necessities unpacked; the kitchen, the food, the bathrooms, the's beginning to look like home. The boxes are out of the way and they're in good shape for Mom's sinus surgery on Monday. They've still got a garage full of stuff to sort through slowly, but they'll get through it before the weather gets bad this fall so they can get the car in the garage. Here we (Dad stayed at the new house) are in the old house after cleaning it for hours, and after three days of moving things...we're all sweaty and beat! Here I am in the place where my old bed was in the room I shared with my older Sis (I lost count at 50 new bruises I now Sis told me that I 'must have a blood disorder.'...I told her 'she has the disorder, since she has no bruises!'
My middle-Sis and I had fun running out to buy them a new small deck set and the railing planters (we put some herbs and flowers in them for Mom to continue her herb gardening) for their new little deck to surprise them while they were at Drs. appointments.

Have a great weekend up...I know I will!


Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

How nice for you and your siblings to do that for your parents!

Jody V said...

The deck looks so good! What a great idea. I miss my parents so much. Enjoy and treasure helping them out.


Barbara said...

You are so super wonderful. and so caring and thoughtful.. The deck set and herbs were just a wonderful idea.. I am sure your mom loved it!

Janelle said...

You look so good in those pictures!! The deck set is nice, too!

THE DASH! said...

Aww you guys are so great to do that for your folks. And boy, do you look good in your pics. Miss long legs!

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