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Thursday, February 10, 2011

2/10/11 Post Fill Day 2; Spew and Burn

*Post deleted for Book


tessierose said...

Wow! I have had one spew since being banded and it was awful. On Sunday and Monday I had some real tightness and irritation and that same feeling of not being able to breathe deep without discomfort, but it is resolved now. I have never had any reflux though. I hope things feel better soon!

LDswims said...

For what it's worth, it already sounds like a too tight scenario. Scary stuff - it's so easy to go past "that spot" - and it's so hard to get there. I can understand wanting to hang on to this fill...but I think I'd want to give 0.25cc's back, at this point. I'd rather not take the pill...and I certainly don't want reflux or esophageal damage.

Bandita Senorita said...

Thank you for sending me the link and the info. I started following you just a short while after that post, so I missed it until now. And this one was helpful too. Many of our symptoms, like the breathing issue, reflux, etc. are so it is very comforting to know that someone has walked this road. And so please do keep us informed about what the PCP says.

Oh...and I am taking Omeprazole once a day and Sucralfate four times a day per the band doc. He had me on Aciphex (spelling) and Carafate initially (through the weekend), but insurance did not cover either of them....and they were over $200 each (one even after a $50 coupon). So these new meds are substitutes. From what I can tell online after reading your post and doing some online research, Omeprazole is somewhat similar to Nexium. I did see a warning on the Omeprazole page about long-term use causing kidney enlargement issues. I'm sure that you've looked at all of Nexium's side effects. But I am very curious to know about the long-term use or any other solutions that are out there if this is a continuing ordeal.

Like you, I am not willing to put myself at higher risk for cancer. And like you, I've never had any throat or esophageal issues prior to the band (other than a couple of heartburn issues from food), but I do have a grandma who had throat or esophagus cancer. She is still living, so I need to figure out a way to ask her about it next time I see her (she, like the rest of the fam, doesn't know about the band).

Anyhow, I started this to tell you, "THANK YOU"...a BIG TY! It turned into a monstrosity of a comment....sorry about that. :) But I do want you to know that I appreciate all your help...and also good luck with the transition to solids.

Anonymous said...

Yes thanku for posting newbies thank u!

Beth Ann said...

Great post! I seem to have a couple of night spewing reflux moments with a new fill but then everything settles in. If I don't get filled well, then I never have reflux, but I don't have any restriction. It is an absolute balancing game!

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