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Thursday, February 17, 2011

2/17/11 It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood...

I've finally done it! I've met my first Blogger friends in person! My Pittsburgh neighbors!
Here we are at lunch today...the lovely Judi and the beautiful Lee Ann (and OMG her youngest was there and has the most beautiful big dark baby make you melt!).

We were talking about how we started our blogs and how we found each other...I remember back when I started my blog on LBT (before I really knew what a blog was) and I thought it was just a spot on LBT for me to keep a little journal. I was so surprised to soon find friends there that I instantly had something in common with (on the scary internet of all places!)...our weight battles are such a connecting and bonding tie to each other.

Having only met one LBer before in person (a nurse at my PCP...side note: Do you ever wish you could ask others in your surgeon's waiting room if they have a Band? My surgeon did all kinds of laproscopic surgeries though, so it was hard to guess who even had WLS...I was afraid I'd offended the appendix patient's by asking LOL.), it was great to finally meet Judi and thank her, as her blog was one that I had poured over when I started researching the LB (she's the perfect model for a textbook LB complications, no unfills, no Gallbladder out even...she's worked her Band perfectly...I, on the other hand...well, as my friend says 'It all happens to you so you can write about it for everyone else!'...Oh well.). Oh, and please send all your good vibes and prayers to Lee Ann today that her approval will come through! These ladies are as fantastic in person as on their blogs and it was so fun to meet them...let's do it again soon!

On to other news...

Urologist Specialist check up today (yes, I was in the stirrups before going to lunch...yay)...and what did the Nurse and then my Doc want to talk about? LB of course. Last time I saw them I was about 60 lbs. down and today they were each full of compliments and questions. The nurse had lots of questions about exercise, as she told me that I looked 'so toned for losing that much weight'...LOL...the sweater tunic hides the truth. The Doc was mostly interested in why this worked so well for me (vs. my diets) and what health changes I've seen...lots of questions as she explained she 'wants to know more so she can recommend it to patients'. She also said that she's never met anyone who's said their WL improved their incontinence...mine hasn't changed, but then the med she put me on had taken care of my issues before LB surgery.

We're off to Philly tomorrow evening to stay with DH's sister/family (they have 2 kids about my kids ages) for the long weekend...DS1 can't go as he has a charity event this weekend at PSU ('Thon'), but DD is driving herself and meeting us there (she doesn't have Monday off and will come back early Sun).

We need to get out there as we haven't seen DH's parents in awhile (remember, they had to cancel vacation with us this past summer...her hip). DH's sis says they've stopped driving at night, so I'm not sure if they're up to driving out to us anymore or not, we'll's hard to find time for us all to be together and make the trip, now that the 5 teen/older grandkids are going every which way with schools/jobs, so we'll have to grab moments when we can, like this.

Have a great weekend all...enjoy this heat wave (60's here YAY!)! Happy President's Day!


Bonnie said...

Looks like a great lunch. Hope you have a nice trip to Philly.

Amanda said...

Nice to meet you!!! :)

You three look so beautiful! I am excited to meet some lapbanders! I always want to ask people in the office but I can't talk myself into speaking up!

The support group in my small town has no banders...they don't seem that supportive of me. So I don't bother! Nikki and Lynda are the closest to me but we haven't met yet!

tessierose said...

You all look so beautiful, and I'm jealous, sounds like a wonderful time!

LDswims said...

Sounds like an awesome lunch! So jealous!!

That's awesome that your urologist had so many questions and compliments for you!

Have fun this weekend. Sounds like a great trip!

amandakiska said...

So lucky!

~Lisa~ said...

Ohhh it sounds like a wonderful time was had! Count me in next time!!

You are ALL so amazingly gorgeous!!

Darlin1 said...

I can't wait to meet some fellow LBer's.

I always look at people at my WLS office and want to talk to them ......I see them staring at me ;-)

Enjoy your weekend!

Lee Ann said...

It was so much fun! I just wish I could have stayed LONGER, lol. I could've talked to you two all DAY. :) We need to do that again.

Beth Ann said...

You were the biggest reason I started blogging. I read yours on LBT and dipped my toe in the water. I still remember that you sent me a message the day of my surgery and it meant so much. I want to inspire others like you have inspired me! So glad you had fun with your fellow bloggers!

Judi said...

Yes, what an awesome opportunity we had!!! I LOVED meeting you! You are as gorgeous as you are on your pictures and words! I could have stayed all day if I didn't have that little problem of..A JOB!
Maybe we need to do it BIGGER! I've been thinking about this since the minute I left our lunch!
Pittsburgh BOOBS???
I'm going to sleep on this....
Thanks so much for meeting up!

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