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Sunday, February 13, 2011

2/13/11 Mini BOOBs Pittsburgh and big BOOBs Chicago

Although I've tried to schedule meet up's with other LBers several times (across the country and across the state)...not for lack of trying, but things never quite aligned. Finally, this week I get to meet a couple of local ladies!!!

First, in case you haven't heard (or have been living under a rock here in Blogger), last year was the first annual trip/get together for LBed Bloggers. The group is called 'BOOBs'; Band Of Outrageous Babes, and the planners have already started working on this year's trip. I didn't make last year's trip (was with my extended family in Cols.), but I'm planning to attend this let's plan on meeting there!

I missed the earlier announcements this week, but after catching up, here's the basics:
-Weekend of Sept. 30 - Oct. 2 (make sure you arrive by afternoon on Friday as the Friday night get-together was their 'favorite event' last year)
-Location is the same - Downtown Chicago

You can read up on last year's event (get ideas on costs/events) and this year's plans (and you can follow the blog) HERE.

One thing I want to address is that I believe (you can ask the planners for clarification though) I remember seeing last year that the event is only open to LBed Bloggers (correct me if I'm wrong)...meaning you need to have setup a blog on Blogger...I believe (my thoughts, not theirs) they want others to be able to get to know you so that we have some connection to each other as the event is mostly a social one. I know I've got some long-time followers who don't blog, or only blog on LBT. But no worries if you're interested in I swear it's safe and simple to set-up a Blog here (you don't have to spend time making fancy pages or pics) and no one says you have to be a prolific blogger (many here aren't)...and you've got many months for others to get to know don't miss've got big BOOB's, so be there (and hey, they're letting me be a big BOOB...flat chest and all)!

OK, on to a Mini-BOOBs event!

This Thursday for lunch in downtown Pittsburgh! If you can get here, come and join us (send me an email and I'll tell you when and where)! The fabulous Judi and I have been trying to get together since this past summer, so I'm thrilled to finally meet her (Judi's is one of the first blogs I read way back when I was Googling 'Lap Band and Pittsburgh' and our kid's lives have been running some parallel courses...I'm just following in her shoes...and I want ALL her cute shoes!). I'm so excited that Lee Ann (and her little baby boy, yay!) is also able to join us...she's been doing such a great job jumping through all her hoops since this summer and we've got our finger's and toes crossed that her approval will work out with insurance.

So YAY to my first LBer meet up! And if any of you are ever in the area, let's meet!


Stephanie said...

Thanks for posting this, and yes, blogs are essential for those who plan on coming to Chicago. It is how we all became friends in the first place and has allowed one another to get to know the other attendees. So yeah, ACTIVE blogs are sort of a requirement! :)

Lee Ann said...

I'm so excited. I didn't know you and Judi had never met. For some reason I imagined you guys were best buddies already but now I see it's a blind date for all three of us. :)

Bonnie said...

It's great you all are meeting up. Having bloggers local is such a great thing.

Jen said...

Ahhhh!! I am SO EXCITED to know you are planning on coming. Thanks for posting this, you included some great info.

~Lisa~ said...

Ohhhh I wish I could be there too!! As a former 'burgher and "northern neighbor" I would love to meet with local bandettes!! Perhaps next time... I hope!

Gen said...

CANNOT WAIT to meet you!!!!! YAY!

Beth Ann said...

BOOBs was one of the big reasons I started my own blog. :) I hope to get to know several people and attend next time. It sounds like so much fun!!

Joey said...

Glad you will be able to come this year! YAY!

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