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Monday, February 7, 2011

2/7/11 There Is No Joy In Steelerville

Well, the widely held belief (in our pea brains) that our move to Pittsburgh was good luck for the Steelers winning the Super Bowl (twice in the last ten years)...well, that all came to a screeching end last night. Despite my twirling the Terrible Towel until my arm was sore...and despite my taking a gulp of beer after every great play (yes, there actually were a lot of those, trust me)...the Steeler's lost (in case you're away on Mars and didn't hear it yet).

We spent the evening at a neighbor's party and had a blast...and I found out that my old Steeler t-shirt was an XL and the only 'gold' in my closet is one yellow shirt (the black, I was obese...need I say more?). Here I am on arrival with the towel...and the beer (and my hostess actually has a face, a pretty one).

I tried to console the Steeler fans with 'It was such a great game!' (which it WAS)...and 'Without those three turnovers, we would have easily won!'

Apparently I'm NOT officially an accepted Steeler fan yet (it was suggested that I need to take a class before I can become one)...a Steeler fan would not be saying these things...they would actually be bleeding Black and Gold at the loss...and they were...bleeding Black and Gold.

I wonder if I should have offered them my Terrible Towel to mop it up?


tessierose said...

You look beautiful though, win or loose!

Lee Ann said...

You look awesome BG! I suffered through the game at home with my near-3-year old and my 9 month old--both refusing to go to bed. Normally they are great going to bed on time but they picked LAST NIGHT of all nights to be uncooperative. *****sigh*****

Well hopefully if the doctors review my case in the next couple weeks they will feel charitable and the need to make someone's life better despite the Steeler's losing the big game. That's my hope anyway, lol.

Beth Ann said...

Seriously gorgeous picture! I didn't have an emotional investment in this game, but at least it was a good one. Sorry about the loss. :)

~Lisa~ said...

You look absolutely beautiful - a true asset to Steeler nation!!

Being a native "Burgher" myself, I can comiserate - BUT, it was a great game, and I'm on YOUR side! Here's to a "Stairway to Seven" next season!!

Bonnie said...

Wish I could say I'm sorry, but since I'm a Ravens fan I was happy to see the Steelers loose. But at least you got to Superbowl and had a team to cheer for.

Anonymous said...

You inspire me! 100 pounds is my goal too. Way to go! And I'm sorry but I was rooting for Green Bay. :)

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