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Friday, August 20, 2010

8/20/10 Funny Guest Blogger Today (and a bloopers vlog)!

My guest blogger (why YES, that IS a pair of boxers he's using for a scarf (he was on his way to the shower), and a flashlight for a cigarette):

DS2 is my funniest one...he makes me laugh all day (I about peed myself laughing last night when we were playing a game/Scene It, and he and I were on the same team)...and remember, I married his Dad for his sense of humor, so that's saying a lot. Anyway, I showed him my shark pics awhile back and he read my blog and told me that my 'This Bites" blog wasn't funny. When you turn into a 15yo nothing your parent's do is the least bit funny. He said there's only one thing lately I did that made him laugh and he told me to tell you...but I'm too up his messes... he's taking over my blog as 'guest poster' for the day to tell the tale (Speaking of which, you haven't forgotten about doing an SWA Challenge post have you? Remember, just tell/show us how being a Scale Whore/Gigolo is a good thing and send me a note letting me know about the post (or 'guest post' on my blog) by Aug. 31, that's it...prizes will be awesomeness). So this is what a 15yo thinks is funny...I'm scarring my kids in all kinds of ways LOL...and I reserve the right to have the last word (me)...and to spellcheck (don't miss his attempt at a vlog...the effects got way too fun, and the bloopers at the end).


Hello Internet people. My Mom didn't tell me that she had surgery on her stomach. She lied to me (here comes Children's Services now) that she had a hernia surgery, which I forgot about (until I reminded him of the hospital overnights and told him about the LB...OK, almost a year post-band). So many months later, when she would regurgitate mucus and other mysterious slimes, I began to become disgusted and would hide under a pillow and start yelling 'La la la la' so I couldn't hear the death burps that would signify that she was going to explode (yes, at the beginning I would run to the bathroom, but it was happening so often before the unfill that I got lazy and stayed...OK, not so fair to those that we're also trying to eat I see) . I, of course, thought that she was bulimic (he didn't really think that...drama King).

I would drink out these orange cups (We have a stack of these orange plastic cups in the kitchen...I think I got them after Halloween) and I would leave them around places and my Dad would always take them and put them in the dishwasher (DH is always 'stealing' our cups out from under us while we're still using them...whenever he starts the dishwasher he needs every last thing in it first...he drives us all nuts when our cup disappears), so I took a sticky note and wrote "*my name*'s Drinking Cup" and stuck it to my cup of water.

I went downstairs to play a few video games with my Dad and then I came upstairs and took a drink of water out of my cup and then I noticed there was another sticky note on the back that said "Mom's Vomit Cup" (Why YES!, the orange cups are my go-to cups for PB's...which was happening way to often before the unfill, and hasn't happened once since). I made the most disgusting face of my life and I turned to look at my Mother to see her trying to conceal her laughter and she was making her 'old people laugh' (hisssss), where they can't breathe (it's just asthma...I never laugh that hard...*hissss*) and all they can do is make the exhale noise and their face turns red (nope, my face is tan baby, it's my 'BEST'). This is by far the only funny joke my Mother has ever told (that day). I snickered (he couldn't breath he was laughing so hard).

The bloopers (I lost it with the steroid forehead and 'You make them strong, we make them Army strong'):


tessierose said...

Love it! He's a cutie!!

Sumer said...

SO funny! What a fun kid!

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

LMAO! I love the "NO I am not a Jedi...I am just conceling my identification." You got a funny kid there. I laughed at him more than I thought I would! :D And I need to figure out how to do some of those tricks w/ a video!!!

amandakiska said...

Gross, Mom!

But very funny!

THE DASH! said...

lol Moms Vomit Cup - hahaha love it. What a cutie he is.

Jen said...


Kathi said...

You gotta love a funny family! Yours is the best! :)

diane said...

He is so darn cute (tell him I said ruggedly handsome) I want Sylvia to marry him!!

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