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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

8/25/10 Only One Week Left to Post! SWA Contest

OK all you Scale Whores (Gigolos)...get off your scale for a moment and participate in our semi-annual meeting. If you haven't heard yet, this one is an 'interactive' meeting where you can tell or show (a pic will do) others why/how being a Scale Whore is a good thing (it's been the best tool in my box, well besides Fluffy and Phil that is)...put 'SWA' somewhere in the title...then let me know (send me a link/date of your post). How EASY (if you don't have a blog, send it to me and you can be a 'guest poster'; and if you want the complicated version, just click on the challenge pic on the right)...hey, you're already talking about your scale every day, how much easier can it get?!...and listen up...

...there are prizes involved! Yes my Whores (you know who you are Kath), in the spirit of my love for homemade crapfts (Lena, this one's for you!) I am bedazzling some lovely prizes for the three top winners (comments to your SWA post are the votes)...and today I am rolling out peeks (to raise your competitive know you have one Sandy).

So here's the bedazzled just screams 'You're a Whore!', don't you think?! I've created a new SWA logo with the rhinestones...look closely...yes, there's the big W, and got it! No Gilly!, I was not trying to make a vajayjay!!...I was shooting for a tiara we're all queen's of our know........nevermind. I'm ready to glue these babies on...and I'm not liable if they pop off and poke out one of your spouse's/partner's hmmm("eye's" just doesn't seem to cut it...or does it?)! Yes it's a thong (don't worry, it's a Lg....although why these aren't 'one size fits all' I have no clue...who gains weight in their butt crack?)!

I think I need some heart rhinestones on the rear...hmmm pretty small...

...nope, not going to do it...these d*mn things are uncomfortable enough without rhinestones in your crack!

Now, don't you want to participate in the challenge? I know you B*tches BOOBS (no yes, I'm not jealous...crapfting with thongs must bring out my potty-mouth...I don't know how you Whores wear these every day!) want to take these to wear to Chicago?!

Let me see a pic of you 'hearting' your scale...or a post about your scale weight's easy peasy (Don't forget to let me know).

I think we all need to talk someone (Andrew) into doing an SWGA blog so she he can win these (Oh d*mn, he's still on vacation, how dare he! How about Jack Sh*t?...he's on that scale hourly I'll bet).

*Portion of Post Deleted for Lap Band Book


Mrs.C said...

Congrats on the interview!! I bet it was much FUN!! I'm so happy for you! I would love to participate in SWA - but, I'm not quite there - no band, no scale loveee... Anyway, I will be anxiously awaiting your NEXT contest with the hopes that I win one of those snazzy thongs!!

Barbara said...

Love those panties.. I am going to have to pay attention to your next challenge.. I think we would all love to own rhinestone thongs!!! (ps thanks for your sweet comments) means so much.

Jenny said...

Love the panties!

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