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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

8/18/10 Animal House

It was a VERY long and tough day yesterday...the photos will help tell the tale. After the long drive, we walked in to the attic room at the frat house that DS1 will be sharing with two other guys...

There was guy sleeping in the bunk bed... 2pm...

...on a Tuesday...


After 'Sleeping Guy' (DS1 explained that 'he likes to sleep a lot'...uh huh...does he really think I'm buying that?) exited (not one of DS1's new roommates...thank G*d) we met his two roommates (who haven't moved into the room yet...and didn't look like they just woke up)...really nice is a Senior (forgot to ask the other one), so I took that as a good sign that he hadn't partied his way out of school...yet.

Then we looked around...Trust me, the pics don't do it justice...'Sleeping Guy' is moving out tomorrow (his parents are coming to help...I'd love to be a fly on the wall) and his stuff was everywhere on the floor and surfaces...literally. I'm so mad I forgot to get a pic of the floor where his 'closet' broke. There are no closets in this room so he bought a two rod garment rack (the same one we bought DS1...Uh-Oh...We're sending supplies in a care package to tether it to the wall) and the remnants of it were all over a 10' x 10' area...rods...clothes (I'm still not sure if any of them were clean...even the ones still on hangers)...empty hangers...everywhere on the floor...mixed in with lots of trash.

So we took a look around at all the trash and mounds of 'stuff' (I'm being VERY generous with that word) everywhere (you could hardly walk) and all I could say was 'OMG!' (over and over again...until DS1 snapped me out of it with 'Mom! It's a Frat House!'...Oh yeah, WHAT WAS I thinking?!! D*mn DH for having been a Frat boy!) took everything I had to hold it together and not grab my baby boy and go running from the house (if I'd seen even ONE bug, it would have happened)...I was happy to see the hardwired smoke detectors, sprinkler system and fire escape stairs.

Apparently this attic room is the largest bedroom (it's bigger than it looks in the's a huge room) at the frat house so it becomes the 'party room'....yay.

All DS2 could say was 'WOW' and 'My EYES!, My EYES!'...Children's Services is going to be knocking on my door any minute now to take him away from me...I've scarred him for life. Here's DS2 checking out the party set-up...(I caught him later playing one of the guitars on a couch...all I could think was 'AHHH! He's sitting on that couch!!! You don't know where that couch has been!') Oh, and this was when we first walked in and before one of his roommates brought in his couch...making that now 5 couches in the party area...they were talking 'stadium type seating' at that point (I think 'Sleeping Guy' is taking a couch out...yay).

Then we shoved 'Sleeping Guy's' 'closet' and desk over to one side (you can see 'Sleeping Guy's' bunk on the left that he was sleeping 2pm...on a Tuesday...with the bottom bunk completely broken off...oh, and look at the shelf of booze bottles above his head...explains a lot about his name don't you think?) to make a corner on the other (I'm officially dubbing it the 'non-party-side'...that's my story and I'm sticking to it) of the room for DS1. See that's totally cracked and broken...with shards of glass on the floor right next to DS1's corner (we'll be sending some plastic and tape in our 'care package')...kill me now.

Then we 'swept' the trash and other grossness (you don't even want to know) out of his corner...let's just say his bare feet should never touch that floor...they would stick...permanently.

Then we set up his bed (Hells NO!... It's a bed/mattress we got him.) and his oak desk we brought from home (the desk we bought him on Craig's List has a tall cabinet and wouldn't work with the knee walls in the attic room). His couch, coffee table (he made) and mini fridge we placed on the party-side.

And four hours later...

Here's the 'After'...bed on big risers so there's room for tons of stuff underneath; 3 giant bins of food (Don't want my baby to starve), a small bin of cooking tools (for all the food), a small bin of kitchen cleaning supplies (that apparently will never get used), a bucket and cleaning supplies for the room (that apparently will never get used), a small bin of every kind of medicine (I reminded him of the antibiotics I put in there...just in case his feet ever touch the floor), and a totebag with laundry supplies (that apparently will never get used). He hung his 3 posters over his cover up the myriad of screws everywhere and random boards still attached to the walls (I'm guessing from former lofts, but what do I know...see the board way over his head...I made DH remove all the screws that were around his pillow area). There's his 'closet' (oh, and look, it's a towel rack and bookbag rack too!) at the end of the bed and his laundry hamper (that apparently will never get used).

See how happy he looks? We bought a few drawers and a two square bin holder to add/stack to his book cabinet from last year (since the Frat house can't afford closets...just big screen TV's and sand for basement 'beach parties'...OK, there's the up side I've been looking for...there could have been sand on his floor too). Look there's an alarm clock next to his lamp (that BETTER get used!). Apparently everyone in the house (except 'Sleeping Guy'...who can sleep at any time...even 2pm...on a Tuesday) hangs black out curtains around their bed space so they can sleep (you never know when there might be a party going on in the other/party-side of the room...kill me now...Do you think I could chain him to the non-party-side?).

Just past his 'closet' is the desk area stocked with supplies (also on the non-party side); he brought his desk chair up last weekend and has to still go and retrieve it. We hung his batik, the bulletin board and a dry erase board (screws were easy to find...yay). And finally, there's some shelves just before the door with a coffee and shower supplies station...and LOOK!...there on the floor! There's an actual trash can we brought (that apparently will never get used).

Yes, I actually left my son in this place (whispering to him not to have too much fun)...and I have the pics (evidence for Children's Services...don't laugh...I'm subpoenaing you all for the hearing) to prove his area was semi-safe and clean when we left. On the way home (after we stopped at McDonald's to wash our hands about 10x) I gave DH Holy He!! for being a Frat boy (trust me, our sorority house was beautiful with Ethan Allen furniture in every bedroom and real closets even, so I'm taking NO responsibility for this), but he reminded me of the day we moved him into his frat house six months after I met him and how bad his room looked when we arrived...apparently I have a selective memory (I'm just hoping I can forget how DS1's room looked...ever).

I don't want to hear ONE word from the rest of you dropping your babies off at college this year and how HARD it was...just could be worse (and for me, it is).


Mrs.C said...

Oh, the trauma of it all!! My WORD! You're going to be in therapy over this one for YEARS!! My baby is in college, too. I "moved him in" - ONCE! When I left, it was neat, clean, and respectable! What he's done after that I don't know and I don't WANT to know.. He's a junior now, and I keep the memory of our one and only "move-in" experience alive!

Pamela E. Williams said...

Oh my goodness!! I was giggling because your account of it was hilarious, but Lord it was a mess. You guys actually made it decent. When I saw the end result I was so impressed after seeing the before version. OMG for realz!!

Well I won't complain about my DS being off in Nashville, cause your DS1 frat experience trumps mine, LOL.

Good job on the clean up though!!!

LDswims said...

Too hilarious.

All I can do is laugh. I know that is no help...

I'm impressed with the outcome. Looks good. I'd love to know how long it will last...

Stephanie said...

Thinking back to my college years and the frat houses I went to back then (and I don't know if I should tell you this), but the curtians are more for privacy if they are "entertaining the ladies". After seeing these photos, I am so glad I have a daughter. Sorority houses are so much prettier and cleaner and girly. I had to tour some frat houses in Georgia for a work related project and I should have had a haz mat suit on. He looks happy and that's what matters! :)

Band Groupie said...

I sent a note to DH asking if I should send this blog link to DS1 LOL and here was his reply (smart a$$):

"Well no. I think he will have some sort of medical problem if he sees that even though he has medicine on hand (that apparently will never get used). Very clever writing, you should write a book."

Oh, and Steph...DH also made that observation about the curtains...on the WAY HOME!!! Was he with us when we bought them on the way to the Frat house...ummm YES! Haz Mat suit next time...I'm still coughing from the dust!

Jess said...

Oh the joys of parenthood! haha well at least he is going to college, that is a positive all in itself!

Judi said...

OMG, the memories that brings back! Yes, my son spent 3 years in his frat house and lived through it all. I was only in there a handful of times (which was enough for me). My husband and his friend (another 50+ guy) went there to visit once in 2005 and they are still talking about it!
I think I was barred from the place after the frat brothers got wind of the fact that I was an administrator at the university!!! LOL!
Funny thing---my son returns to campus every year for Carnival....the first 2 years, he stayed at the frat house....after that, he came to the conclusion that he has no idea how he lived there and graduated (with University honors no, I'm a proud mom!). Anyway, I CREDIT that fraternity for making my son's college experience so rewarding and special that he chose to stay in school and get his PhD (thus never leaving school!!!).
Taking my DD--the DZ--back to school next an apartment where she will live with 4 other girls. I wonder if the place will look anything at all like my son's frat house????
Oh the fun times!
Gotta tell you---his room looks amazing!!!

Drazil said...

Freaking funny - not for you - but for me - yes.

diane said...

Hilarious! But scary nasty scene! You guys really made the best of it though!

momma2fi said...

OMG - ROTFLMAO!!!! This is one of the best posts I've read in a while!!! I've just gotten done reading it to my husband - both of us laughing hard enough to wake my daughter!! I wish I could say I feel your pain - but I'm not going to lie!! Humor (that clearly you have), is the best way to get over such a traumatic event! lol. Hope it's working for you!

Nikki P said...

OMG and I have TWIN BOYS..."Mummy runs off screaming"

Tina said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkk :)..and I teach at a University. Thank goodness I have just girls. I do not think I could have coped.

Christine said...

hahahahahahaha!!! Omg I laughed so hard at this!

Your baby will be okay there. Somehow he'll survive. I mean, if the dirt and nonstop partying doesn't kill him, it'll only make him stronger. Right?

My brother was in a party frat at school. I went to visit him once and was aptly horrified at the surroundings. It's really amazing that I can even REMEMBER any of it, after the contact high (I was locked. LOCKED!!! in a CLOSET with five pot-smokers!). At least you didn't find syringe needles. I nearly stepped on like five of them when I visited my brother. I couldn't get out of there fast enough.


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