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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

8/11/10 Cape May

I'm home! Here are some pics of our vacation in Cape May (went to visit DH's sister and her family at their new place).

I figured out, while I was there, that most of my new 'fun clothes' have empire waists and are flowy...most of them I bought before I lost all the weight and I was still in my old habits of buying 'camouflage clothing'...look, they're mainly black too LOL. I wore this with my silver/diamonds everywhere 'gladiator' sandals.
We rode bikes (rented ours for the whole family for the week) or walked miles every morning (just the adults were up that early of course) and we'd stop and get breakfast. We ate dinners out every night but one...they have great restaurants there and we tried three new ones I loved...and I'll pass on the names for anyone who goes there. Here we are after eating at 'Fresco's' (owned by their next door restaurant '410 Bank Street'...also a great place). Try the fried olives appetizer...amazing.

On the beach with DD...see, I wore the bikini!

My tribute to 'Shark Week' on Discovery.
Our last day there it was SO foggy they didn't let anyone in the water until it cleared. The crazy part is that this was at 1pm and it was HOT...even the lifeguards said they've never seen anything like it (it finally burned off around 1:30 pm). Here I am with my SIL and we made some castles and lagoons with the boys (you can see the lifeguard stand in the background that they pulled into the's not very far away from us, that's how thick the fog was and this was after some of it was gone).

Here we are going out to 'Peter Shields' restaurant (on Beach Street)...very fancy old home and you'd never know you were at the ocean (the asparagus/mushroom soup was to die for).

Here's the family on the deck of my SIL's family's new place (you can't see it in this pic, but they have a great ocean view and it's behind me in this pic). We went to 'The Pier House' and sat outside on the patio for dinner. It was the perfect evening (cool and it's on the Beach Street) so we listened to the waves crashing) and a great meal.
I gained at least 5 pounds...kinda surprised me as we got a lot of exercise, but also a lot of 'liquid calories'. I'm not too worried about least today LOL.

I'm off to do the 100 loads of laundry...the SIL/family arrive on Friday for a college visit here Saturday morning (they have two kids- my niece about 9 months younger than DD and she just graduated from PSU, and my nephew who will be a HS Senior).


-Grace- said...

You look great BG! Looks like a great trip :)

Gilly said...

LOVE the outfits! Esp the first one and the last one! Your kids are ridiculously good looking...your older son is movie-star handsome!

tessierose said...

Love the pics, you look amazing, have I told you lately your my hero?

Jennifer said...

Love the pics, you are beautiful and you look to be abut 25 - are you sure those are your kids?

Barbara said...

BG you look Great, and I love the pics.. Glad you had a wonderful Vacay... It is still so stinkin hot here.. I love that first pics.. you look totally on trend.

Christine said...

Halter style shirts look terrific on you! You have such wide, gorgeous shoulders (all knobby and stuff, too!) that work great with that style. Love it!

DB said...

You look GORGEOUS! I Love Love Love Cape May!

Jen said...

You look fantastic!!! Sounds like a fabulous trip!

Mrs.C said...

What GREAT photos!! Looks like a wonderful time was had!! You look absolutely amazing - and I have officially dubbed you my hero!! Thank you for sharing!!

Judi said...

WOWWW! You look darling in every single picture! I love your style!!!
What a gorgeous family! Thanks for sharing your pix. Looks like it was a fun time. Hard to believe the summer is winding down. At least it wasn't a "fat summer".
Time to get the kids ready to go back to collegeland (although my DS lives in Happy Valley year round).

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Great pictures and beautiful family. You look great!

bbeach said...

Lovely pics!!


Jacquie said...

It sounds and looks like you all had a great vacation. I think I ate at Fresco when I was there...its been a while!

You look fantastic inspire me!

Anonymous said...

So glad you guys had a great time! You look so lovely! Aren't vacations just grand until you come home to a house where the laundry bomb exploded :)

Gen said...

Holy crap Girl you are SKINNY! This brings back great memories from our trip to Cape May in July! Where else did you eat? 5 pounds must be standard for weight gain in Cape May - I gained the exact same amount on my vacay!

Wow you look so fabulous, I can't get over it! Congrats!

Linda O said...

You look so great! Your family is lovely too.... All great looking and very loving! Very happy for you!

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