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Thursday, August 12, 2010

8/12/10 The Versatile Blogger and Blogs to Follow!

1. Thank you Pamela at "Less Than Fat - The Fantasy" here:

Pam was just banded Tuesday, so pop on over and congratulate her!!

Pam also said I can be a member of the Black and Beautiful club (with my fake tan). I love that she describes 'us' as Chocolate (skin) know how I love that's the color I'm aiming for Pamela (DD was howling that I used almost a whole giant tube of the tanner at the shore...HEY, 'chocolate' takes some doing when you start out 'eggshell'). Thanks sista'!

Pam is in the pre-op phase of her LB process (approved-YAY!)...and Pam, WL, it's not going to be a 'fantasy'! Pamela is a breast cancer survivor (double YAY!) courage in the LB process should NOT be an issue! Thanks again Pamela!

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the person giving the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs.
4. Let your nominees know about the award.

2. Seven things...let's see, I'll try to make them 'new', but that's hard because I tell everything...hmm BG trivia:

1. I had two 'chocolate' roommates my freshman year in college (one was 'Miss Black Ohio'). They used to laugh at my naivety about black people and it was a great experience (ie. I was fascinated by how much goop could disappear into their hair...likewise we tested me...goop + white hair = looks like you haven't showered...ever).

2. My favorite color was pink when I was was red when I became an adult and then about 10 years ago I switched back to pink...Up until recently my closet was mainly these two colors...and LOTS of black.

3. I've always wanted long beautiful fingernails but I usually cut them very short because I garden so much (they break easily and I was way too hard on them for acrylics...tried it). However, I usually have a beautiful pedicure...even in the winter.

4. I have a beautiful herb garden, but there's only one thing I use from it, basil (you know how I love to cook). I have about 25-30 basil plants and I make pesto and caprese salad a lot with DS2's tomatoes (took basil, tomatoes and mozzarella balls and made a huge casserole dish of this at the beach and it was gone in days). DH cooks with herbs and some of my neighbors have come to harvest when they need things.

5. I have a label maker and I'm not afraid to use it (OK, that one's not so new)...I have labels everywhere...I hate what I call 'rework'...put it back in it's place and my 'almost OCD' is kids think I'm crazy...I am.

6. My two oldest kids and I all have worked part-time summers (not at the same time, she's now retired) for a lady in our neighborhood that made stained glass to sell (something I learned to do a long time ago at our Community Center). I'll have to blog about what DS1 is making right now.

7. I'm a decent artist, but I have none of it hanging in my home. It actually embarrasses me to share it. I haven't painted in a long time...not sure why. Hmm...maybe in my spirit of 'doing the uncomfortable' I'll do a blog showing some old art work.

3. OK, this will help me get some of my 'following' up to date. Dag, this took a lot of time to find, but I found 15 bloggers with less than 50 followers, most have less than get thee thyselves over there and show these Banders some support!

2. Darlin1 -

3. Jennifer *BEING BANDED TODAY* -

4. Brie -

5. Dahlia -

6. Midwest Meg -

7. MissMaryMert-

8. Jo -

9. Karen-

10. Becky-

11. Christy-

12. Thea-

*Thea, I had problems leaving a comment as I couldn't see the whole word verification or scroll down...I'll try again.

13. Nicole-

14. Trixie-

15. Tracie-

4. OK, I'm off to do #4!

1 comment:

Pamela E. Williams said...

HEEEEY!!!! You are so welcome and so deserving. I love #1!! So funny about the hair goop. I have played in my white friends hair and tried to experiement with my black products. Didn't come out right though.

I'm doing well and thank you for your kind words and thoughts. You are so wonderful!!!!

Oh and BTW, yes I will be investing in a webcam for my baby boy. We will try out Skype and see how it does.

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