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Saturday, January 31, 2009

1/31/09 Steelers Nation

Holly Cow!!!! Pittsburghers sure know how to party! It’s serious business here; with a smile! I’ve lived in several big cities with NFL teams, but Pittsburgh fans are Diehards with a Capital D. DH and I both graduated from Ohio State University, and although OSU fans are VERY loyal/we are (OSU is always rated as the fans most likely to travel with their team), I think Steeler fans take the cake in the NFL. Like I said yesterday, this isn’t a very transient city, so it’s mostly generations of Pittsburghers going WAY back. You don’t just see Steeler’s gear on people during the football season, although the face paint and nail art come out in full force then. Anytime of year here Steelers gear on people surrounds you (in LARGE amounts, not just here and there)…and I’m not just talking about the usual T-shirt, coat, hats, and flags…oh no, you’ll be sitting at the pool and suddenly notice you’re not properly dressed for the occasion. Steeler towels all over the grass, bathing suits in Black ‘N Gold, and that woman laying on the the lounger next to you with the nice pedicure…she’s got Steeler flip-flops on her feet, and yes, they’ve got bling…so do her Black ‘N Gold (‘n diamond) earrings.

Did you know that the Steelers have the most women fans of any NFL team?...and these gals can cook!...they can make a tailgate look like a 5-star buffet!...I never knew so many food come in (or can be turned to) Black ‘N Gold (*hint- bring a small toothbrush/paste in your lovely Steeler’s purse to any Steeler’s party or after you’re done eating your teeth will look like the kid who ate all the black jellybeans). We’re, of course, attending a SB party tomorrow night and I can’t wait. I’ve got my three appetizers planned…no food coloring, sorry, but the corn/black kidney bean dip certainly has the Black ‘N Gold thing going on.

Every channel has been Steelerfied since the last game and this week every broadcaster has Steelered there studio and their clothing. There was a ‘Cage the Cardinals’ rally dahntahn yesterday and swarms of people were packing the streets just to party together…OK, it’s Friday, there’s no game, no team in site here, but we’re getting together just so we can start the party early (it reminded me of those pep-rally bonfires at OSU the night before a game…only I don’t think they had a bonfire dahntahn, but they did throw eggs at a cardinal (no, not a real bird). This morning all the hospitals are wrapping the babies in their nurseries in Terrible Towels (boy did that look cute). A fact that any good Pittsburgher worth his weight in Pierogies knows, is that Myron Cope, a commentator here invented towel waving…1975, he asked fans to bring yellow kitchen dishtowels to the game to wave…they won…so the Terrible Towel was created the same season.

New songs have been written this year; as if there aren’t enough already; fight songs, rock songs, polkas (you hear them on the stations year-round). Yes, some are slow and sound like we can’t remember more than a few words… “Here We Go, Steelers” now rinse and repeat over and over and over, then add every now & again “Pittsburgh’s going to the Superbowl!” (best one to attempt after you’ve had a few IronCity beers), but others are in true Pittsburgh fashion (remember all that fast-talking smushing words together lesson from yesterday?) well this one’s got it all in spades…and you can sing it even after many Steelertini’s…it’s only one word long! It’s a tribute to the super-sexy Troy Polamalu (the background singers try to correct the Pittsburghese of the lead singer). He calls him; and this is the title…and ALL the word(s) “Puhlahmahlu”(it still cracks me up)!

Oh, and I forgot...DH won the 'Steelers Basket' of gear at out local bank today. I take that as a good omen for the team as we never win anything!

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