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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

1/5/09 This Is The Dawning Of...

Went to my PCP today for weigh-in...drumroll please....#3!!!! PARTY AT MY HOUSE! I'm thinking that means I'm about halfway there, "over the hump" or in my case "over the bump", or "over the big bumps", OK, "over lots of big bumpy cellulite"...eeew. Nothing could ruin my mood…not even the Nurse who ushered me to the scale with a loud “AND WHY ARE YOU HERE TODAY?” “For a WEIGH IN visit!” I replied as I hopped up on the scale to NO WEIGHT LOSS. I smiled at her and said “Well, at least I didn’t gain anything in Dec. and that’s something?!”…not a word…hmm…“Have a nice day!” I coo as she departs.

I see the CRNP at my PCP's office for these visits. We were chatting along about my not losing any pounds this month, and her new haircut, and me poking fun at myself (my evil ploy to keep the focus off my weight- wish I was that clever)...we were there just chatting (yes, mostly about my diet/exercise)…when she says “This is always the best part of my day!” I said “Yeah, I’ll bet it’s nice to see someone who’s happy to be here and isn’t sick!” I need to work harder on this diet…good thing, as I really do want to start my better habits now. We made some harder goals for this month and I’m starting a food journal…I also want to start that ‘bird thing’…and NO I’m not (YET) talking about eating tiny portions like a bird…you know, No drinking with meals…you can either sit at the birdfeeder or the birdbath for a drink, not both. About the time we were lamenting bad haircuts from years past, I remembered I left my DD at another Dr’s. office, so I scooted to get her.

We picked up our records at yet another Drs. for our..yet another Dr’s.appointment tomorrow morning (nothing to do with Lap Band). I came home and sorted all my Dr’s. records an into a huge pile of files…whew. Man, I thought that ‘Dashing through the Drs.’ was bad in Dec.…this next month will be worse between the whole family. That’s life. I’m proud to say that in between guitar lessons for DS2, errands, and getting 2” off my hair (couldn't have another bad haircut!), I also made my last required Dr. appt. with the NUT (No, not that kind of nut…not the Psych, the NUTritionist). So…another drumroll…if all goes as planned and no one calls again to reschedule…and when the moon is in the Seventh House…and Jupiter aligns with Mars…I’ll be through all the Dr’s. appointments (except probably a pre-op) by Feb. 5th!! Yay…then more waiting…double yay…

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