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Thursday, January 1, 2009

1/1/09 Join the 2009 WLS Parade!

To all you peeps planning WLS in 2009 I know you're welcoming this year with as
much anticipation as I am. There should be a parade today just for WLS patients. We’d wear shirts like our signatures with anything you felt comfortable sharing; surgery date, current BMI, hey even current weight if you’re really brave (or you’re now skinny).

We’d put all of us pre-ops at the front of the parade…it’s OK…If you can’t walk the 6 mile route we’d have floats we could ride on (hey, we’re a big group…no pun intended…we need more than that 5 1/2 mile route of the Rose Parade). The floats would be educational since pre-op is all about education…just think how much the public would learn. I know some here would be on the Insurance Maze float because they live everyday now with that crazed “will I be approved?” look…so they’ll fit right into that maze, with it’s piles of paperwork creating the walls of the maze. There’d be all those milestones along the maze…psych visit, etc. and at the end, in the back, those crazed pre-ops would hand over their papers and a giant insurance person with a big stamp in each hand “APPROVED” & “DENIED”…would stamp it (because of course we’d have animation). There’d be a 6 month diet and pre-op diet float…just think of the crazy float that pre-op diet would be…we could have swimmers doing laps in protein shakes, or maybe something not so happy as we’d want to garner some sympathy…I don’t even want to think about it yet. Myself, I’d be waving from the center of the LAP-BAND® float as the giant one inflates and deflates…we could wear smaller ones like hoola-hoops around our waists.

Then would come all those “in progress” peeps…they’d have cool floats too, but all about support because that’s what in progress is all about. Of course each of those monthly groups would build their own floats…going back in time…Think how cool these floats would be…New Year Hotties and Hunks (not sure yet?), Holiday Hotties, Notorious Novembers, Smashing Pumpkins, September Samurais, August All Stars, July Butterflies, June-Bugs, Shrinko de Mayo’s, April Avengers, Shrinking Shamrocks, Victorious Valentines,…we could go back for years! Oh, they’d be great…they’d have their own cheering sections in the crowd…because it’s all about family and friends support too.

Lastly would come all those at goal…and they’d just go nuts to end our parade in style…some would be wearing bikinis and Speedos...those pushing strollers that now have babies thanks in part to their WLS…and the floats, oh the floats (they’d pull their own of course because now they can)…Before and Afters of course…but all those things you couldn’t do before but now can…fitting in seats-roller coasters and amusement park rides…what a fun float that would be, and physical activities you’ve always wanted to try-floats of those holding trophies and blown up photos of them running marathons, climbing mountains, and playing in the parks with their families! What an inspiration this section would be!

What section would you be in? What would your float be?
Come, join the 2009 WLS Parade!!!

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