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Monday, October 26, 2009

10/26/09 My Best Feature

What's your best feature? How many posts have I read here from obese women saying they're sick and tired of hearing they've got 'such a pretty face'. I've always been told it's my eyes, but they're not my best feature.

OK, I'm not usually a 'cutesy' or what DH would call a 'hokey' person (he's dating himself...and what does that mean LOL). I haven't named my cars or my houses. I've seen lots of people here who've named their bands…weird? Maybe. After all, we have names for all our other body parts right? I haven't shared my band with anyone but DH so how could I openly call it 'My LB'? Out of necessity (or so I'm telling myself, well, and you) I gave my band parts names…naw, they're more like code words that happen to be names. After all…when I was having a problem with my band in front of others and DH would ask me 'WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?!!' How could I answer (and no, I haven't had to use the code names much at all, maybe twice ever)?

Shhh…don't tell anyone…and I'm NOT being cutesy, or hokey, or weird (OK, maybe a little). I answer in code (depending on the problem)… 'I forgot to call Phil!' or 'I need a Fluffy pillow for my back!' I'm sure you've guessed…Phil is my port (I know, no elaboration necessary on that one)…and Fluffy (my first Avatar phrase here was 'I'm not Fat, I'm Fluffy!' It was something my DS2 always said about me…cute, but it hit home too) so Fluffy…yeah, she's my band and gets even Fluffier with each fill as I get…well, less fluffy. Phil and Fluffy…they're a good couple…sure they fight sometimes…first one is happy, but then the other one isn't…then vice versa…then they're both unhappy…but mostly they get along (sorry, it's the drugs talking). It's like having new family members…they're there to help (sometimes annoy) and support me and that's just what they're doing. I think they're my new 'best feature'.

*In response to Comments:

Thanks gals!

Dear Lord Mechelle...too much pressure LOL...I still learn something new here every week from others.

Fever's gone finally, just sleeping like twice as much as normal...on the mend, thanks for asking! -BG

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