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Thursday, October 22, 2009

10/22/09 Six Month Bandiversary!

Sorry, I can't share my 'cake'

Today is my six month Bandiversary! I can't believe it's been six months already! The six month diet pre-op seemed to take foreverrrrr (sorry newbies)...this past six months...OK, Bandster Hell was a little slow, but time just sped up after that. I wonder when I'll ever stop feeling like a newbie? I still learn something new here every week...the band journey is consistent in its inconsistency so there's always something new to learn.

OK, you can have just a bite of this one (it's SF).

Let's see, what's happened in six months with the band? I've:
- Become an April 'Bunny' (and Hef still makes us weigh in weekly)
- Had 4 fills and now have 5.9cc/10cc LB
- Had to return to the hospital the week of banding; overnight on my 50th birthday (no problems)
- Gone from a size 22/24 jean to a size 16
- Made it through Bandster Hell while starving (but still losing weight)
- Had a few gain weeks
- Lost 46 lbs. since banding (65 total)
- Had a few plateaus
- Gone from a 34.8 BMI (37.7 originally) to 27.2 and moved from an Obese to Overweight BMI
- Paid my full insurance deductible
- Moved into Onederland
- Learned how to slime and PB like a pro
- Reached weighing less than DH
- Attended the Semi-Annual SWA (Scale Whores Anonymous) meeting
- Made lots of LB friends
- Reached my Sweet Spot
- Developed Acid Reflux
- Stopped 'Dieting'

What's happened in six months in my life? I've Celebrated:
- My 50th Birthday
- Our 27th Anniversary
- Our DD's College Graduation and her first (and second) 'real' job
- Our DS1's HS Graduation and his move to college
- My father's 80th Birthday

and I've:
- Seen my DD buy her first car and get her first speeding ticket
- Visited my Alma-mater- OSU game- and watched them lose in the last minute
- Watched DS1 get on another Honor Roll and in his second expensive fender bender
- Been on vacation twice (SC and AZ)

The LB is like life...there are ups and downs, highs and's a lifestyle...and I'm loving it!

P.S. FYI-I posted what I found out about hair regrowth as a comment to that blog. Click HERE

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