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Saturday, October 24, 2009

10/24/09 My Family Rocks

Just a brief update. As you know, the ancient laptop I've been using (used one we got for DD to use while she was in France since she has a desktop-now in her room) has been giving us fits all along. It has been in and out of 'computer rehab' for a year now and the latest intervention sent it to rehab for more psychotherapy about a month ago...there's a desktop in the basement, but I've been missing the convenience of the laptop.

My family just called me downstairs (so I drug my bum out of bed). They'd gone out, bought me my very own new laptop, and set it all up for me (they wanted me to 'Give it a try!' so here I am)! DH said he'd found out Friday that the hard drive on the old one wasn't worth fixing this time (I hope the rehab facility gives it a nice memorial service). My first computer that's just mine (and they didn't even know it was my 6-mo. Bandiversary this week LOL)!!!

My Family Rocks!

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