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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

10/14/09 What Goes Around Comes Around

I just had to share a little laugh I had today. I got my hair trimmed yesterday (same style I've had the last 4 mo. or so) and I was showing the new gal how I wanted my hair with swoopy bangs and curled know layered and flipped back like the 80's.

Today I was trying on some more old pants from the closet and found this old pair of 18's I can barely fit into (I'm in a 16 at the stores now...more generous that). They are those old high waisted jeans...hit me way above the belly button right on the port (which I put high enough that pants wouldn't hit them LOL). They would be described these days as 'Mom Jeans' yikes! I'm so glad shirts are long right now so I can camouflage the old styles, but when DD gets home from her business trip I think we'll have to go through a few of these and decide what looks too outdated.

I was standing there in the bathroom mirror thinking I was styling like the 80's again! Well, I don't weigh 135 anymore and the hair isn't as 'BIG' (especially with half my hair falling out from the anesthesia…I think that finally stopped) but you know what I mean! ...and when will I start liking any photo of me...ugh.

Pic 1- Me 1980 and my BIG hair, sorry you can't see the high waist jeans
Pic 2- Me today and my still huge hips/thighs, pulled my shirt up...see how high these are!

*In response to Comments:

Oh my! Now I'm embarrassed...feeling like I was fishing for a's just me still not comfortable with the photos yet honestly...and tell me how long it took you to feel great again when you saw a pic? My head just needs to catch up...I'm the eternal optimist/positive except when it comes to body image...the curse of us fat people. ...and hey, trust me, I don't expect to look like that's been almost 30 years LOL!

Thank you all for your positive comments...and I'm ditching those jeans. -BG

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