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Thursday, September 10, 2009

9/10/09 Foul Mood

I'm in a foul (fowl) mood. It's just been 'one of those days'. DH is away on business this week, so I've been juggling everything with the kids. I realized last night we'd forgotten DS2's Allergy shot appointment last week (he's down to once every 3 weeks and we'd lost track with the vacation week). I'll have to take him after school (they're only in the office here on Thursday's which makes it harder to get this in). They're not going to be happy with me as he'll have to start the last dose over again…grrr…bad Mom.

DS2 had his 6 mo. dental checkup recently and they found some small cavities. They filled the four of them they could get to (he had braces on), but they thought he had a few more under the braces. He just got the braces off (yay! after over 3 long years...even at age13, those final baby teeth just weren't going to fall out so they had to pull them to finish up his braces) and so this morning was his follow-up appointment with the Dentist. They took x-rays and he had 18 more (YIKES) small cavities between his teeth where the wires from the braces were (one of those was a regular larger/biting surface cavity). Holy Cow 22 cavities!!!!

No, that's not his mouth...yet!I'm 50 and didn't have my first cavity until I got in college (my 4 siblings and I were 'Crest Test Kids' the 60's we had piles of boxes of unmarked toothpaste tubes to use growing up).

We have a great Dental office with 5 Dentists and they're known as being the best in the area. We're at the dentist every 6 months for check-ups and were at the Orthodontist every 4 the heck did it get this bad without them knowing it?!!! I guess the braces made these impossible to get to or see?!! We made sure he brushed morning and night, but apparently he's just prone to them. Two shots of Novocain and 4 more fillings this morning (and an Rx for fluoride toothpaste) and will be back in a few weeks to get some more done...poor kid!

So we're walking out of the dentist and almost to the car and I remembered the note needed for the school...back in we go. Now off to the school with DS2 and luckily I remember my neighbor telling me that the bridge I usually take to the school is being replaced and so I'd have to get there another way. The school is 20 min. North on the Interstate and then about 5 min. more on back streets (by the old route) so I don't know the area well at all. DS2 told me he knew the way his bus goes so he directed me through about 12 turns to get there. Mission accomplished...I dropped him off praying and hoping I'd be able to find my way home. I made it almost through all the turns when I turned to find a slow moving train blocking my route. Others were turning around, so I figured there was another way over/under the tracks, but no way was I going to get lost…WHY didn't I bring my GPS with me? Dag, I even left my cell phone at home!! Now I'm nervous I'll get lost. I turned the car off and waited. OK, train gone, just 2 more turns...wee! Last turn...I made it!!! Back on the Interstate ramp!!!

What's this? There's a police car with lights on coming up a distance behind me on the long ramp. I figured he was on his way somewhere so I quickly merged into traffic so he could get around me...NOT HAPPENING!!! HE'S NOW RIGHT BEHIND ME WITH THE LIGHTS BLAZING!!! QUICK...PULL OVER BEFORE HE STARTS THE SIREN!!! Yep, he's pulling over's ME he wants??!!!

'Can I see your license and registration ma'am?' *Me (Not even noticing the dreaded "Ma'me" that always makes me feel old) fumbling through a million packets/pieces of paper, tire gauges and napkins in the glove compartment I never use* 'Sure, here they are...can I ask what this is about?' 'You made an illegal left turn.' 'Really? Where?' 'At *street name* and there are 4 signs saying NO left turn.' 'I'm so sorry. Really?! I missed 4 signs?!' (babbling now) I didn't know how to get to the school since the bridge is out so my son told me the way and I was so focused on coming back the same way...I can't believe I missed 4 signs! I'm sorry.' Well, a wait for him to check my license and one ticket (no points) later I'm a foul (fowl) mood.

I'm hoping with no points the insurance company doesn't get this info. (anyone know?) as we already had a big rate hike after DS1's 2nd fender bender this year...sigh.

Alright I'm searching for some good news (just my optimistic nature when I'm down)...I didn't have time to drink anything but coffee this morning and was absolutely ravenous by the time I made it home to my protein drink (I'm still on my 2 days of post-fill liquids). It was interesting and surprising to realize how long it's been since I've really been hungry like that...I'd almost forgotten what true hunger feels there's some good news.

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