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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

8/22-27/09 Vacation (Part 1)

Details of Part 1 of my vacation

5:15pm Monday-
I'm sitting pool-side on vacation right now...all I need is a drink with a little umbrella, but they don't have them at this pool. I know, I know…no sympathy…YOU'RE ON VACATION! …but I WANT my umbrella drink!

We've had a busy week….got up around 4am on Friday to take DS1 to PSU (college) for his big move in day (but I'll save the details as I wrote a blog for that one, but didn't get the pics loaded yet, nor did I have time to finish it). We got back home around 5pm (about a 4 hour drive from his college) and started loading the van again (and this time the car top carrier too) for our vacation (didn't I JUST load this van?). Saturday we were up early again and on the road for about 12 hours drive down to here (Seabrook Island, SC).

The in-laws own a place here so we vacation here sometimes. Sunday was DD's 22nd Birthday and we spent the day on the beach and then out to dinner for her birthday. The waves were as big as I've seen them here because of the hurricane going up the East coast. I made DS2 (age 14) wear a life jacket, after many protests, because there were rip-tide warnings in effect and there are no lifeguards here (surprisingly the beach patrol was sitting and watching the area, which is the first time I've seen them do that here…no lifeguard, so I'm not sure what a gal in clothing would have done if someone was in trouble)…luckily this is a mostly retirement age group now as most areas have started school because if there had been any other teen kids on the beach DS2 would have stayed out of the water vs. wearing the life jacket. Today we went swimming early and then into Charleston for lunch and shopping.
*Pic attached DS2 and I at the Charleston Market (don't know the other dude).

6:30pm Monday-
OK, that's as far as I made it in my blog when my in-laws came out of the Community house (the only place around here with internet access *end note-we never got back there, so no internet) to sit with me (DH and they were checking emails on their computers sitting inside in the AC). My ancient laptop battery died while we were chatting so I didn't get to post anything. I'm back at the place now and we're heating up chili we made at home for dinner tonight. It will be interesting to see how much weight I gain this week. I'm not eating huge amounts, but just not the better choices I usually make. MIL made waffles for breakfast (I thought I was eating OK, but had to run to their bathroom 2 steps away to PB) and I ate an appetizer for the lunch in Charleston…two small crab cakes on a tomato and corn chutney…not a lot, but VERY rich. No internet here, so who knows when I'll be able to post this. Anyway, I now have my glass of wine in hand so things are good. In-laws are here (we're staying just down the road as their place is a 2BR)…GTG

12:00 Tuesday-
DD went for a horse ride on the beach this morning. She's done that a few times here and always enjoys it…they walk the horses on a trail to the beach and then gallop up and down the beach and in and out of the surf (just a little way in). We were at the pool again (the close one next to us- no internet building) and now the kids are fishing and crabbing with DH on the dock…these places are on the marsh side of the island with a view across the marsh and toward the inlet where the shrimp boats go in and out every day…it's a beautiful view.
*Pic attached: Horses way down the beach in the am.

10:51 am Wednesday-
Just got back from watching the gang play tennis…a few sun showers, but they cooled everyone off.

3:21pm Wednesday-
More crab cake appetizer for lunch at the ocean club here. I've had a relaxing afternoon just lazing around.

9pm Thursday-
We took my in-laws out to a nice place for dinner last night (The Sanctuary, at Kiawha Island). I had the Shrimp and Grits. The chef sent over some steak tartar appetizers and I had a few of those while others ate the wonderful breads with flavored butters. DD wanted to switch plates with me, so that worked well …although the ½ bottle of wine didn't help.

This morning we went to the Magnolia Gardens Plantation early. This was DD's one request here as she remembered the gardens there…except in August not much is blooming. We took the tram tour and then walked the gardens.

*Pics attached: Alligator in the old plantation rice fields, Butterfly & Live Oak Tree.

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