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Friday, December 19, 2008

12/19/08 Consult Rescheduled >:-(

I just got a call from the surgeon’s office. I thought it was their insurance expert FINALLY calling me back. I started off with “Thanks for calling me back!” Then I get “Thanks? You might not want to thank me yet…I have to reschedule your appointment.” #@%& (in my head) are you kidding me??! DH was off for the holiday and set to go with me on Dec. 23. I had all my questions ready to go. I was SO HAPPY that this would be done right before Christmas…a nice little present for me. At first she tried to put me off until Feb…not happening. Now it’s on Jan. 13th at noon, so who knows if DH can make it or not. I’m depressed…I know, that’s life. Many people don’t get to see their surgeon until that point anyway (half-way through 6 mo. diet). I’m still bummed…OK, upside-pity party time, join me…time to open that wine early tonight (maybe a lovely fruit martini even)…now that I’ve really got something to whine about! Who's joining me?

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