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Saturday, December 13, 2008

12/13/08 Dashing through the Doctors...

Last night:
I feel like all I’ve done is go to the Doctors/Dentist this month! My youngest came home from school today with a high fever and a sore throat…then he vomited on the carpet…then the kitchen floor (yes, I'm not an idiot...I had already given him a big barf bowl, why he didn't take it with him as he ran to the bathroom, I don't know) so into the bathtub and a call to the nurse for advice and an appointment in the morning. He’s resting now, so I just sat down to look at my calendar and put in his appointment (yes, you know me well…my very-anal-color-coded-by-person-calendar…I’d be lost without it). I counted up 18 Dr./Dental appointments for the kids and me this month…and the only 2 Lap Band ones were my PCP visit and my upcoming my surgeon consult. Who knows how many visits DH has, he keeps his own calendar. So take out Christmas holidays and what is that…more than one appointment every weekday! Boy, it sounds like we are an unhealthy bunch…and the rest of the family are all skinny as rails! I won’t share my families medical issues- just mine, but let’s say we’ve already reached our family prescription deductible. Oh well, all those waiting rooms have given me time to actually read the book I started this summer…halfway now…I never find time to read anymore. I guess it’s also a good prep to for all those LB appointments I’ll have next year! Oh, he’s awake…got to go push the fluids…

After 6 more “vomit session” and me steam cleaning the carpet DS finally fell asleep last night…fever still raging. He was all better this morning but we kept our Dr. appointment anyway so they could do the strep test. So we went “dashing through the snow” again today (our Doctors office was closed, but the satellite was open) Rapid test negative…here’s hoping the longer one is too. He’s got 2 exploratory procedures coming up this Wed. (no surgery, nothing serious) so I’m hoping he’s well for them. That's life.

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