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Friday, October 29, 2010

10/29/10 Downs and Ups

*Portions of Post Deleted For Lap Band Book

  • DH got a new (used) car finally (his was sucking us dry with repairs the last few months)...picking it up in Ohio now (my brother is in the car biz)!

  • The neck/back is finally much better (thanks for your help)...some trouble sleeping still.

  • I'm officially Surgeon's receptionist called and my Surgeon is leaving the state (remember his partner left for another hospital in town a few months back)...I was wondering why he was acting aloof at my last visit and didn't talk to me about the pics for his website that he'd asked me about. So much for getting him to vet the book. I'm going to miss him. Two new Docs will be starting in fills before the holidays...*sigh*.

  • My project all week has been organizing the loose holiday stuff into bins (Mom gave us each some boxes of her things with the move...yes, boxes...I'm blaming her for my holiday decoration illness) project...not.

  • I got an email from someone running an OCD website asking me to post a link here...OCD?!! ME? I didn't say I 'had OCD', I said I was 'almost OCD' (and lest I'm offending anyone that has it; it's a serious disease). I just think I'm VERY organized and I don't like re-work...everything in it's place and all that. Hmmm... I do have a label maker that gets a lot of use...actually the most labels are in the area I'm now working on...OK, you decide...Here are my holiday shelves...yes seven shelving units of just holiday stuff (and yes, I'm working on those bins today where the holes are)...but I'll tell you right now I didn't even look at her OCD website...I don't even want to know that I've got something else wrong with me...I'm still working my way through the first list of health issues LOL.
    You're all on your way to my house for an intervention aren't you?

    tessierose said...

    Holy Cow! You must know of way more holidays than I do!

    diane said...

    Highly successful people (you) have the trait...not the disorder! The trait is very functional...I am going under the house today to dig up some old costumes for the DD's friends...its not quite as organized as yours but I feel better because there's not (quite) as much stuff!

    Bonnie said...

    I wish I had the trait because my holiday area is a mess. 1 lb is a lot with as tiny as you are so congrats. Sorry to hear about your surgeon. That really sucks.

    Christine said...

    Your storage system seems very tidy! I'd love to do that for a the "clean house" or organizational system thing. It would be a blast!

    ~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

    Sorry to hear about your Surgeon, that's gotta be tough... But I love to see that there is someone out there who is more nerdy than I am when it comes to keeping things organized! I love your bins, and have lots of them too - I get you! Bin on, Woman!!

    Barbara said...

    OK.. are you really that freakin organized.. if so I am going to unfollow you!! (just kidding) but, damn if I ever need something I am just going to ask you!!.. you should have your own TV show.. on how to Organize your life (and you can do your first rescue at my house)

    Sandy Lee said...

    I agree. You have OCD-Organized Container Disorder. (I bought a labeller-you inspired me!). Now I just have to label. Wish I was on my way to your house for some pointers.

    Anonymous said...

    I read your blog and JUST SMILE ON AND ON AND ON LOL.
    I can see you are well organized, I wish I was. I am in dejunk mode.
    I can't throw it out fast enough. I am thinking of you and glad to hear you are feeling better. Sorry about the OCD thing!! Who really cares anyway if the job gets done ;-).
    Best wishes, imaluckydog

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