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Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10/10 Ten over Ten to the Tenth

Kind of an ominous date isn't it? I wonder how many weddings happened just because of the date? It certainly is a beautiful weekend here. DH brought the sun back with him from his week away; just left early this morning for another week of travel (I hate it when he has to travel on the weekend, but that's life). It might just hit 80 degrees here today!

Here's some pics of DS2's first Homecoming...He's pretending here that parent's don't exist (and was he ever shocked that everyone's Dad's and Mom's were at the girl's meet-up house to take pics...he thought we'd be the only ones LOL).

Guess who decided to link arms and is mumbling jokes under that smile?

We lucked out and the before pics were in our the gazebo (I love that the girl's plan everything now that I'm down to my last boy; dinner, dance, and a bonfire after...yes, I waited up for him...he had a blast and he's still sleeping it off).

Don't the girls look beautiful?!

One of the Mom's yells 'Do something funny!'...What does my kid do? Jump into the arms of the guy next to him!

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Darlin1 said...

Soooo cute, soooo fun!


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