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Thursday, October 7, 2010

10/7/10 More Signs of Fall

Hearty crockpot meals...this is Chicken Sweet Potato Stew (shout out to Lap-Bander Lena at "Fat Frog Diary" for this recipe)...yes, I cooked it (Don't look so shocked...and yank up that chin)...I had no choice...DH is in Seattle all week, so it was either cook or have him come home to dried up, emaciated kids (DS2 threatens to call Children's Services after a few days if I don't feed him something besides frozen pizzas LOL...and that skinny boy comes home starving!)...besides, crockpots are anti-cooking for we folks that are much too creative to cook. I secretly want to be one of those cooks who can throw in a pinch of this and a dash of that, but getting off-recipe is all too tempting for we creative ones and has never worked out too well for me...guess you have to actually learn what you're doing before you get to that point and there's not enough appreciation for the time spent to hold my attention to learn it all (eg. I spend all day cooking for that Thanksgiving meal and they scarf it down in 15 minutes...I always make them sit and just look at it for a minute...drives them nuts.). I'd be really good as a 'presentation chef' always looks just long as you don't have to actually eat it. Maybe I'll try taking more pictures when I cook before they eat porn...that's why I love art...lasts forever...I'm off subject again, aren't I? OMG this smelled SO good cooking (nutmeg and cinnamon); it just smells like Fall...and my kids LOVED it (even asked to have it again tonight instead of freezing the leftovers...that NEVER happens). I love it when I actually use things from my herb garden. I picked my fresh basil from the garden for this stew, you add it at the end...YUM!

Foyer Table with DS2's gourds he grew.

Fall smelling candles, more gourds he grew, and indian corn here and there.

Front door is bedazzled...I always get at least one kid every Halloween night who tries to take one of my fake apples out of that basket, thinking they're what I'm giving out (good thing they're glue gunned in or I'd be making some kid choke).

Fall boots in brown and black...can I just say these are the first boots (other than ankle ones) that my calves have fit into in years! I'm still on the hunt for some spiky ankle boots.

Sweaters have replaced tank tops in the closet, and leggings and jeggings have replaced shorts and Capri's (oh, and the black boots fold over...maybe I'm too old for the thigh highs?...but I thought they might be OK since they're flats and not the spiked-I-still-think-I'm-20 ones, like DD bought. Or maybe I should only wear them folded?).
YAY Fall!


Bonnie said...

Yum. I love Fall. Those boots are smokin'.

Colls said...

Fall, love it! I also really love your boots! Can't wait until I can pull boots over my calves! <3

Maree said...

The boots are great - and I think over the knee looks fantastic if the heel is low and you wear tights or leggings in a similar colour (as you are) - skin tone and high gets a bit "Pretty Woman" - not a great look!

Jody V said...

Everything looks wonderful!! I am going to copy that recipe for the crock pot!

Hope you find those spiked heels you are looking for!


barbara said...

Ok BG, I been reading your blog since day one, (we had the same date of surgery.) I have totally enjoyed every single blog entry. But, I have to admit, all your wonderful photos of the seasons and your incredible decorating has once again left me feeling, "NOT IN THIS ORDER" 1. More motivated to decorate and really embrace the seasons #2. BG. is Martha Stewart's twin! "Can there be 2 Marthas?!!"
For the last 4 or 5 months I couldn't remember my password,and couldn't figure out how to retrieve it and have not been able to comment,(not too bright on the computer) but read your blog every day.
Best wishes to you and as usual, thank you for all your inspiration and humor.
(from San Diego)

Christine said...

I am so jealous of your boots! I want knee-high boots!!! They are so hot!! And I love the picture of the gourds in the living room. They look beautiful...happy home!

Anonymous said...

BG you really are the BEST blogger out here..... Yes, I read your blog all the time and I have made many of Lena's dishes her recipes are to die for and so easy to make. OMG she has some killer recipes the pork medallions are my all time Fav's... Will you consider putting recipes in your book? I have tested so many.

Just love all your pictures. Thanks for sharing ;-)
Got new ski boots for this ski season no more renting equipment.
Best wishes imaluckydog

Judi said...

Hello!!! Of course, we have to wear over the knee boots....we are fashionistas! They look great...I love them. I have to dig mine out and show you! Last year when I bought them DD told me I was trying to be Kris Jenner. LOL!
OOOH...I am so jealous of your beautiful fall decorating. So far, I have a fall thingy on the door and my fall flag blowing in the wind. Sadly, the fall decorating is not happening this weekend either. Why? you ask.
Well, my sisters are all headed to visit my niece in Columbus (she just started her job at OSU last month!). So, I am the lone caretaker for my dad here in Pittsburgh! In between my dad duties, I also have to work since it's Parents' Weekend on our campus. Hopefully those excuses are good enough (actually I am not giving YOU excuses, I am just trying to explain it all to myself!). You know how I love to decorate....
Maybe next weekend.....hmmmm....maybe not....DS is coming home and then I'm off on a business trip. Okay then.....maybe sometime before the end of!
Yours all looks wonderful!!
Keep rocking those fall fashion finds!

Jenny said...

I get so homesick for fall!

Bandita Senorita said...

Great boots...and I love your Fall decor!

Anonymous said...

Hotness - with the decor AND the boots!

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