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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2/10/09 Somewhere, Over the Rainbow...

Well as far as I know, as of today I’m now done with all the “other doctors” pre-op stuff. It’s been a ‘long and winding road’ and it’s not quite over yet…I’m still on this yellow brick road to Oz and apparently I’m playing all the parts (that’s OK, I always loved dress-up)!

Remember that Shoe Fairy I put up a wanted sign for? Well she answered and brought me some ruby slippers when I crushed the Wicked BMI/Comorbidity Witch my first weigh in (even if I did pee my pants doing it).

I got my award of courage for making it through that claustrophobic 45 min. closed MRI for my heart…so I’m the not-so-Cowardly Lion!

I just got clearance at my visit with the Cardiologist this afternoon, and my heart MRI from last week and my EKG today were fine. So contrary to my teenagers thoughts sometimes…I do have a heart…I’m the Tin woMan!

In response to Comments to watch out for the flying monkeys:

'Flying Monkeys'...ooooh, I'm still scared of them...don't worry, we'll get Toto to bite them! ...and those soldiers...I still remember how I felt as a kid when they'd start into that marching song....SCARY...Yoee..O..YO...O!

I found out this fall from the brain MRI for my migraines that I do have a brain…it’s “unremarkable” as the docs report said, but it’s a brain…so I’m the Scarecrow!

If I can make it past the Wicked Witch of Insurance Paperwork with two more monthly visits at my PCP then they’ll send it all in for approval to the Wizard…let’s just hope he’s “Wise and Wonderful”. There’s no place like Bandlandia...

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