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Monday, November 17, 2008

11/17/08 So Why Am I Insulted?

I got this call and the lady explains it’s about the health surveys we had to fill out for our insurance about a year ago. I’m thinking, OK maybe me going to the info. seminar at the hospitals triggered something since I filled in insurance info. on their form? Then she goes on to tell me my health survey tells them “You’re at risk for several things” (very nebulous…that word “things” )and “Would you like to sign up for our free program?” At this point I’m trying to confirm this is not some phone scam---free program (yeah right), but I don’t want to piss the woman off either…heck I don’t know if it’s someone who works at my DH's company even (I’m they have health people in HR there?). “Could you tell me more about what this program is exactly?” I ask. After dancing back and forth a few times (now I’m really wondering if it’s a scam) she finally offers up some details “Someone will call you with regular phone appointments and they can help you with your issues….” ISSUES? I have ISSUES?? I don’t respond as I’m thinking this and so after a long pause she timidly says “…things like exercise and diet”. The magic word DIET. She thinks I need to go on a DIET? I’m insulted! My mind is racing… Who is this stranger telling me I need to go on a DIET? I don’t know what to do now…so again, I blurt…(I’m really stressing now—so spoken at 100 miles per hour…) “Well I’m working with my PCP and have started a diet and exercise program…I’m going to get the LAP-BAND®…and I’m not sure how your diet and exercise would fit in with that?” I'm nice, but inside I’m so insulted. But wait…now it’s sinking in…I’m realizing it’s not a scam…if she wanted money, she certainly wouldn’t be insulting me like this, would she?!!! Uh, oh. She’s legit. Better be nice. She says “Well, they can help you with things like stress even.” STRESS? WHAT STRESS?!!! She must have detected the stress in my voice…I’m thinking…Go to your happy place, deep breath… “Uh, stress, OK, fine.” I say. “Someone will call you in a week to get started.” and she explains it's a service the co. pays for through insurance...we say our goodbyes. I hang up and I’m thinking why do I feel so insulted…then I realize….NO ONE has ever told me I need to go on a diet…not in my entire life…it was always my idea to go on a was like someone calling me fat to my face for the first time ever! Wow! Reality check!! OK, she didn't make up the numbers I put on the health questionaire...I welcome the help…diet, exercise, stress even…bring it on! I get it, I AM fat, I know that!...but I ask myself again...So why am I insulted?

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