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Saturday, November 15, 2008

11/14/08 Fall reminds me of college!

I got my two boys out this afternoon mowing & sucking up all the fall leaves with me since we’re having a heat wave-60 degrees high (rain or snow tomorrow; 30’s high next week). We have a hill with huge trees behind us so you could hardly see the grass for all the leaves. There’s something about the smell of slightly wet leaves that always reminds me of college…I guess it’s that back to school smell. When I was younger it was “paste”...I’m aging myself again aren’t I?…Hey, do they even MAKE school paste anymore?

We’ve been doing the final college visits now with my middle one (boy); the one who just got into National Honor Society this week (sorry, proud). My DH is taking him on his last two different visits this weekend (wish I was going, but my youngest has a commitment). It’s good kids know what they want; he wants a huge school, my daughter is a Senior at mid-size college. She would tell me to insert a shameless resume here…but I’ll keep it to anyone looking for a bright employee: double major-marketing/intl. business, let me know (She’ll have me on the street corner wearing a sandwich board resume for her soon). What a bad time to graduate and be seeking employment huh?...but I envy them those wonderful college years!

So Fall reminds me of walking around my college campus and all the expectations of a new school year. I was thinking today that starting this Lap Band process now in the Fall brings a lot of the same feelings I had then; anticipation, hopefulness, eagerness, anxiousness, etc. So I’ll use this school year to get educated (about LB) and for now I’m just hoping I’ll be “graduating” to a new part of my life…just about the same time as my two oldest ones!

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