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Monday, January 9, 2012

1/9/12 Exercise and Weight Loss

OK, I'm back, and I missed all of you!  I made a conscious decision to really tune out and enjoy the family over the holidays, and that's just what I did. I thought I'd have more time to post before Christmas, but we got busier than ever before (mostly self-inflicted as I put extra pressure on myself this year to have an extra special holiday, and I think it was…and DH took the longest work vacation he's ever had…that man can never retire or I won't get a thing done), so I'll apologize for going dark, but I was thinking of all of you! We took DS back to school this weekend, so now, everything is back to 'normal' around here…or at least as 'normal' as I get. More about my life/pics later.

I've been stewing on this subject for awhile. It's not something that I "haven't" talked about; so much as, it's something I haven't shared all my "personal thoughts" about. As I started writing this morning, over 3,000 words quickly spilled out. Generally, I don't like to share cliff notes as I think something gets lost in the translation (and why I am in serious need of an editor). But I'm taking a risk that you'll understand the abbreviated (still long) version without judgment. If you've been following, you already know that I'm all about the fact that this journey is different for everyone and we each have to figure out what works best for US…there's no one 'right way'…it's all about learning about choices so you can make the best ones for you.

I've spent a little time reading blogs (wow, no way I can totally catch up) and I've noticed some trends…it's the start of a New Year and that means rededication to weight loss for most of us (geez, how many diets have started every January, me included).

- Weight gain: Weight put on over the holidays (personally, I gained 3-4 lbs., but still under goal), lots of talk about getting it off, new scales bought (I love you, my Scale Whores), I'm shocked at the number of bloggers coming back to blogging after a long time away having gained a big chunk of weight back (or ones that have now disappeared after this happened), and lots of self-deprecation from everyone with a little 'stop beating myself up' sprinkled in here and there.

- Exercise: The gym rats are trying to help others with information on their love of exercise or hate of it but do it anyway, many are joining gyms, some have started programs like CT5K, others are buying new equipment and electronic monitors, and many are beating themselves up with how they can't stick with it with a little 'stop beating myself up' sprinkled in here and there.

If there's one 'choice' I haven't explored in depth here, it's this…

Here the thing, and I realize that this is going to be controversial…

You don't need to exercise to lose weight.

The cliff notes are: it's true…I'm living proof…period. Other than some short lived sessions and gardening in the summer, I haven't done any regular exercise.

There's a whole chapter about why…nope, I'm making no apologies, or excuses, so don't roll your eyes just yet…but the bottom line is that NOT exercising didn't leave me with excuses to fail. With past diet/exercise programs, I did just that….I couldn't sustain the diet or the intense exercise (usually an injury) and that was my excuse to start gaining. This time was different…no strict diet…nothing off limits…and no regular exercise program…just me…and LOTS of headband work…if the Lap Band did it's part, then I was my only barrier to success.

I'm not sure how to state this in the way it's intended…I'll have to say that although I don't 'generalize' this journey, sometimes I read blogs and I worry about those who have suddenly become gym rats once they got the Lap Band. I worry that they'll have an injury, or they'll start having kids/or kids/life get busier and put themselves last on the list (all things I did), and that once they can't sustain this level of exercise that they'll start gaining the weight back (me again)…because they'll think that the exercise is the only way to lose/keep the weight off.

Learn from me…it isn't.

Exercise, or lack of it can't be your excuse…you may have to adjust your intake if your level of exercise reduces for any reason, but you can still lose/maintain your weight…I have…for seven months now.  No, I'm not recommending everyone do what I did, we each make our choices.

If you've been following, you know I'm no stranger to exercise (taught up to eight aerobics classes a week in my younger life). So here's the other thing:

You need to exercise to be healthy.

Let me quell some of the comments by agreeing with what you're furiously typing right now:

- You can lose faster with exercise.

- The more muscle you build the more calories you can eat.

- You can be skinny and not healthy.

- There are many other benefits to exercise, like increased energy.

- But sorry, no, my body would NOT look noticeably better with exercise (age, genetics, and amount of excess skin).

I'm believing that I can maintain and I've done everything else to get healthy. It's winter here…no gardening to do…time to find another way to get moving. Just like I promised not to be the perfect Bander, I'm swearing right here that I'm NOT going to be the perfect fitness example (Lord knows I'm the antithesis of it now). Just like my WL, it's going to be a tough journey and I'll have setbacks along the way and times I fall off the wagon…that, I can promise. I have no intentions of even wanting to become a gym rat again (been there....and good for those of you that do...I know, never say never)…but, I DO want to continue my quest to get healthy…and that means a little regular exercise…time to put together some goals. I'm starting the same way I'm going to end…slowly…in a way that I can continue and maintain forever…one step at a time…a few minutes at a time.

Now, who wants to join me?


Darlin1 said...

I DO .... I DO... I'm soooo with you BG. Extreme things have never been my forte.

Happy New Year girlfriend!


Kimberly said...

You're not alone with the exercise thing. While I am certainly more active than before my band, I haven't really jumped on the regular exercise band wagon and have comfortably maintained my current weight for almost a year now. I do know that if I want to lose those last ten pounds, I will need to step it up (no pun intended).

Glad to see you post again. Happy New Year!

Beth Ann said...

Missed you!! I think everyone has their own path to follow. They just have to figure out what it is!!

Sandy Lee said...

I agree with you. I've been exercising (mostly walking and weights) for most of my life. I NEVER lost an ounce. BUT as you said, it was for health that I did it. I feel better, my joints don't hurt as much and my gut is a bit tighter. So, I don't exercise to lose, I exercise to feel good.

Lorena st said...

Thanks for the non-exercise blog. I have been banded 3 months and I am currently losing weight (45 pounds gone, 75 left to go) and I haven't exercised (other than walking). I think hauling around 120 pounds of excess weight has been enough stress for my body and I don't want to hurt myself. I have dieted/exercised in the past and lost nothing (that was demotivating) but when I get near my goal weight and the chances of injury are decreased I will likely take up swimming/weights again. I actually liked doing those things, just not at 262 pounds.

Ronnie said...

Read my thoughts. I've lost 100+ lbs with little sporadic bursts of exercise. That being said, I've started a little more regularly now... but it's not to lose weight. And I don't "eat the calories" I get from doing it, it's just to be healthier in general!

I'm with you.

Krisz said...

Can I have "stupid" question?
If you do exercise a lot while losing weight, is it certain that later on if you stop/slow down exercising it will affect your further loss/maintenance? I know it's a silly question, but being bang in the middle of my WL I'd like to establish some long term way of life, but also not want to sacrifice on the weight loss. Do I make any sense here? I hope...

diane said...

Thanks for this one! I am also a lifelong non exerciser as you know! The only difference is now I dont feel guilty about it as I did when I was fat!

trisha said...

I think for some people (not talking about myself here) - it's more of a mental thing. Weight loss my changing your eating habits is such a drastic change for most WLS people - that they feel as though since they're overhauling ONE part of their lifestyle, maybe coupling it with a "move your body more" change aides them in their quest to be smaller and happier? Or maybe they thing that if they don't exercize that it's dooming them to be failures?

Me personally, I exercize because I mentally feel better due to it. I've struggled with depression my whole life - and I firmly believe the whole "exercize endorphine" release is not BS. And I am also a very competetive, sports oriented person so I haven't been a stranger to imposed workouts as well.

Good post!

Judi said...

Welcome back and Happy New Year!
Once again--I can relate to every word you have said!!!!
Like you, I lost this weight without any major exercise regimen. So, I'm in complete agreement that it can be done. I'm not sure if exercise would make a huge difference in how I look. Maybe I'd look better naked. But, really, I love fashion so much that I am not naked all that much!! LOL. Pretty good excuse for not caring...huh??? In all honesty--I'm just not good with exercise! I own that part of me completely. Call me lazy but I guarantee anyone who spent 24 hours with me would quickly change their mind on calling me that! Haha! That's why this Lapband was the ONLY tool that fit my life....nothing was off limits unless my band said it was!!!
Good luck with your plan and I hope we can get together soon!

Stephanie said...

I think that for me, exercise really helped my toning and the overall shape of my body. Had I not exercised, I felt like I would have sagged much more and for me it was a mental thing. I didn't exercise at all most my life and I was obese. I got the band to change my life and I knew that I had to change everything, as this is a lifestyle change for the rest of my life, not just a revised eating plan.

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