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Friday, January 13, 2012

1/13/12 Blogger/Comment Issues? It's Your Lucky Day!

Today, Friday the's your lucky day!

If you are having issues with Blogger (embedded comments), I'm solving it for you. 

Pick your chin up off the floor.  Hell hath not frozen over.  Lil' Ole Me is giving techy advice.

I haven't been able to access my comments (or leave them for lots of you) for several days now and it was driving me crazy (I needed to know if anyone else ever had an addiction to Ho-Ho's?!).  I decided to take matters into my own hands and found a solution online.

It seems that the problem stems from a Blogger update (threading comments; now we can leave comments to comments on posts, or just general comments...woo...and I think this is only if they're embedded).  When they updated things, it 'messed it up'...yes, that's 'techy' language there...I'm an instant expert.

If you have embedded comments on your Blogger page (you can leave/read comments on the same page as your post), then you may be having the same problem.  When I'd try to look at my comments it would open the screen and then it would immediately go blank.  It does the same thing when I try to leave comments on anyone's sites that have embedded comments (so fix it, so I can comment!).  Here's how:

Dashboard>Name of your blog>Settings (on left)>Posts & Comments>(Comment Location-Change from Embedded to:) Pop Up Window (or Full Page)> Save Settings (Upper Rt)

Notes: I tried changing it back to 'embedded' and the problem came back immediately. I also switched from 'pop up window' to 'full page' and back again and now the 'pop up window' won't work. Went back to 'full page' and it's fine.

Another blogger on Blogger Help suggested I try deleting history/cookies, and I tried this first, it  didn't work (but it may for you). 

Alrighty then, I'm off to read my comments:)

- BG, Blogger Technical Expert Extraordinaire


RockBand Barbie said...

Thanks for this post!!! I was totally having the same issues :)

diane said...

wow! I am impressed! I dont even know what most of it means!

Stephanie said...

I was having the same issues! Thanks so much. My problem is everyone just needs to see this so they can fix their settings so I can comment on them! :)

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