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Thursday, January 12, 2012

1/12/12 Headline News!

Did you watch the Today Show today?

No, I'm going to gloss right over the fact that Hostess has filed for bankruptcy.

OK, Yes, I know what just flashed in your mind…How quickly can I get to my local grocery store before the run on the Hostess section leaves the shelves completely bare? Quickly followed by…What did they say the shelf-life of a Twinkie is?  OK, My third thought was...I haven't even experience the Deep Fried Twinkie yet!!!

Personally, in my early obesity years, I had a decade of addiction to these:

Followed by these:

Which one is your fav?

OK, I know…Enough of the food porn! There are hungry people out here!

All right, let me fix this…

I'm not even sure Hostess makes food, do they?  It doesn't look like food, does it?  Would your great-grandma think so?

Does a Twinkie even have a real food products in the ingredients?

I once saw a science museum experiment where they placed a piece of homemade cake under a sealed glass dome, and under a second dome was a Twinkie. You could barely see the slimy remains of the cake through the mold covering the inside of the first glass dome. The Twinkie? Looked as good as the day it was born. Hey, I wonder if all those preservatives I ate will keep me 'well preserved'.

Don't believe it? Here's an NPR story about a teacher who has a 30 year old Twinkie: "The Shelf Life of a Vintage Twinkie"

And if you still don't believe that calorie restriction is the best way to control your weight, have you heard of the Twinkie Diet? A (not obese) nutrition professor lost 27 pounds in two months by eating a Hostess treat every three hours instead of meals and restricting his caloric intake from 2,600 to 1,800. He (and I) are not recommending this (you know how I feel about diets)!

*shhh…and I didn't tell you this…Hostess promises that no matter who acquires the company, the Twinkie will live on*

Now, back to the REAL headline segment.

Today Show; Today's Consumer Segment, Elizabeth Mayhew, Editor-In-Chief, "Woman's Day Magazine"

My overview:

Due to consumer confidence last year was at an all time low, many items are coming down in price this year. 3D TV's, Tablet Computers, E-Readers, GPS Units, Sports Tickets, Cameras, Furniture, and one more item…

Wine experts are calling this 'The year of the buyer.' People were not spending money on the $30+ last year bottles, so those prices are coming down. You'll see sales at merchants everywhere here. Look for Rhone wines/France, Tuscan wines/Italy, and Rioja wines/Spain. The only exception is Bordeaux (because there haven't been good vintages lately). In general, European wines (because of the Euro), and S. American wines as well.

You can watch the segment here:
Reminder...Everything in moderation.

Stock up girls (no, not on Twinkies!)! 

Unless they're these...

You're welcome.


Darlin1 said...

You are FUNNY!!


Chris said...

ACK! The Beef Twinkie is SCARY!!

Nice to hear that wine prices going down, though, heh....hic ;)

FitBy40 said...

I've never liked Twinkies, but man could I go for a Ho Ho!

Judi said...

OMG!!! Never liked those Twinkies or Ho-Ho's but those Hostess Apple Pies! Orgasmic! Putting them in the microwave and putting ice cream on top got me through my first pregnancy! I would make weekly trips to the Hostess Outlet (on Route 51) to stock up! I ate that meal 2 times a day for 9 months! As soon as I saw them on your blog, I could TASTE THEM! Yummmo!

Good news on the wine! I'll have to stock up tonight!
Love the ankle strap....I might need that! I'm putting it on my birthday list. I'm always looking for a way to sneak in booze to movies, bars that charge too much, movie theaters and concerts!!! What a great idea! Where can I get one???

Love it all!

Ronnie said...

Dang, those look amazing. LOL I would even try the beef twinkie... not gonna lie.

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