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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1/17/12 Food Addiction

If you didn't see 'Dr. Oz' the other day, the topic was 'Can you really have an addiction to food?'  I know, you're all screaming 'YES!' right along with me.  It was interesting as the polls of people were pretty split as were the expert's opinions.  The Nutritionist's view was that over-eating is behavioral...driven by emotions, learned behavior, and will power.  OK, umm, as a yo-yo dieter now skinny b*tch, I can personally tell you that anyone who has ever lost big weight dieting has WAY more will power than the average skinny b*tch...When did they ever white knuckle off 50 pounds, let alone 5, while starving and shaking waiting for the next meal (I still wonder why I don't get the shakes now on this teeny amount of food).  Anyway, the Doctor's view was that there are certain foods (four of least at this point) that trigger the release of natural opiates in our brain that make us feel good and want to come back for more.  I think it's a combination of both addiction and emotions.

One study used a medicine that is used to help heroin addicts from overdosing by blocking receptors in the brain that the heroin attaches to.  They gave it to chocolate addicts and found that 'chocolate hijacks your brain chemistry, triggering the same receptors that heroin affects'.  Great...I'm officially an addict.  Apparently those around me knew this before I did...Here's a present I got from my SIL for Christmas this year:

You can read the Doctor's article and see the three other foods that are addictive on the Oz site HERE.


Amanda Kiska said...

I hate Dr. Oz. Just thought you should know.

Darlin1 said... DANG! I love all 4 of those what?


Chris said...

Once a medical professional gets a TV show, they should start off with the disclaimer: I used to be a doctor, but now I just play one on TV.

Oh, and you all can sit here next to me on the 'addicts bench' :)

Maria Fitzpatrick said...

Food addiction is the hardest! We have to be tempted by it constantly. You can tell a junkie not to do drugs. You can tell a drunk not to drink. You can't tell a food addict not to eat. :-(

diane said...

Well I think I only have the one for cheese and of course I justify it by saying I need the protein...

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