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Friday, April 29, 2011

4/29/11 They're Coming To Take Me Away

I'm losing it...No, not weight (still in my 155 holding pattern). I'm losing my mind.

I went to see my surgeon, but I'll get to that in a moment (stay tuned for some LB info. below). I've been working on making pillows for the great room. I found the same fabric as is on the new recliners at JoAnn's. So I made four throw pillows for the couches.

Then I recovered the bench cushion for the church pew to match (not shown yet). I stood back to admire my work and realized that I'd gone all Maria Von Trap with only one fabric...and it was the only fabric in the room (no window treatments in this room)...more than a little too matchy-matchy.
So, back to JoAnn's for some more pillows (I decided to try my hand at some fancy pillows for the pew, since it's not sat on unless we have a crowd) and after bringing home lots of swatches I picked four new fabrics. Off to the fabric store once more and I found three of them and put them in the cart to be cut. Half-hour later and I still couldn't find the fourth fabric, so I asked an employee for answer to the her question 'No, I have no clue which section of the fabrics I got the swatch from'. She found it in minutes and put it on the cutting table for them to cut for me.

Home again and I start cutting my shapes for the pillows...hmmm...this fourth fabric has some snags and looks like it wont hold up very well...I start pondering going back for a different fabric...and then...

...the lightbulb goes off...

...I'm looking at the backside of the fabric!

...OMG, no wonder I couldn't find the fabric! It's solid, but more golden on the back and has a totally different weave (of course, stupid). I curse my blonde hair. So I also decided to make pillows for the recliners.

And here are my fancy pillows and cushion for the pew (I just looked at images on Google to get some ideas to copy). Tons of work with different trims or beading on each one, and I'm not sure I even like them (the contrast of the cream fabric bugs me), but I'm hoping they'll grow on me.
*Portion of Post Deleted For LB Book

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