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Friday, April 1, 2011

4/1/11 Friday Facts

- I've decided to start dieting to get these last pounds off (Atkin's as that was my most successful diet, several times). YAY...all the bacon and cheese I can eat!

*Portion of Post Deleted For Lap Band Book

- You know that first bullet up there...April Fools! And no, I'm not making fun of those that follow Diets with the Band (do what works for you). Hey, I knew I couldn't pull the pregnancy card again.

- I started work on our Study I showed you (and DD's old room). I love blogging as it often helps me think things through and get new ideas (many from you)...I decided to "go shopping" in my own home and moved out two big pieces and moved in four smaller ones. DH got home late Saturday (poor guy/geez work...and it's a Sunday return this week), so Sunday I put him and DS2 to work moving all the furniture around to see how we liked it. When DH saw everything and where I was setting the small old TV (note here; this is not our main 'TV' spot-we have a nice flatscreen in the great room and a huge big screen in the basement), he decided he wanted to make his stamp on the 'new' room and went shopping.... I swear if 'She who dies with the most fabric wins!', is the women bumpersticker, then just replace 'Fabric' with 'TV's' for men!

Posted Image
I've got lots of furniture and shelf painting ahead of me, but I'm excited about the final plan (pics to come when it's done).

- My 'Martha Moment' this week:
  • Remember the lamps for the Study I made, and that I noticed that the dried sheet moss had faded over time to a 'dead looking' brown?Posted Image Well, I went out and bought new moss, but it wasn't as green as I wanted. I decided to try dying it with green food coloring in worked...I started out covering (glue gunned on the moss) these topiaries that are also for the Study. Posted Image
  • I was dreading the lamps as I'd have to take all the glued on moss off the Styrofoam and replace it...and I wasn't sure how that would go (aka I was feeling lazy and knew it would be a ton of work). Then I had an idea...dye the faded moss that was already on it! A foam brush to dab on the solution...and voila! Think outside the box! (I wish being a 'green thumb' was always that easy!)Posted Image

- I've been 'Spring Cleaning'; kids rooms and my art closet for the past month...have a huge pile for charity, but I let my kids decide what they wanted to keep and box up (mainly toys they aren't using anymore). I think they all got the 'hoarder' gene from DH and I. I now have boxes of trophies (that they'll never look at again, but don't know it yet) and sets of their favorite toys...hey, it's a small price to pay not to be 'that Mom' (the one that threw away all their things). I've still got lots to finish up.

- My middle Sis and her family are arriving tomorrow for their 'Spring Break' (I've been busy getting DD's empty/now 'guest room' back in order...shopped my house again and moved some furniture in)...'cause doesn't everyone want to vacation in Pittsburgh for their Spring Break (not much 'green' in sight herd, but hey my Snow Crocuses are blooming, and it's who's playing the April Fools joke...snow in April?!!)? And no, I didn't know they were coming when I started the 'Spring Cleaning' so my house is a wreck and I'm cleaning like a wild woman. I'm so excited to see them!

- Had a 'drinking girls' lunch yesterday with a neighbor (somewhat like a 'working girls' lunch, but without the working), I only had one glass of wine...I SO needed the break from the housework and DH doesn't get home until early Sunday morning, so no help in sight LOL! Back to work!

- 156 lbs., down 1 (again).

Happy Weekend Fools! I'd recommend the rubberband on the kitchen sprayer (if you have a separate one from the faucet)...lined up just right...gets 'em every year!

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