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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

6/10/09 School's Out For Summer

Well it's just ½ day of school away from officially being 'summer break' here. Things are going to get busy around here fast. For the kids 'summer break' means a welcome long hiatus from school, fun activities, vacations, sleeping in and lots of restful free-time. For a stay-at-home Mom, it means all that and; planning, packing, driving and entertaining everyone for three months while your usually neat home is invaded by mud slinging (no, the real mud), endlessly hungry teenage aliens who can't heat up a hotdog without using every dish in your home. No really, I love summers. It brings a whole different attitude to our home. When else can you wake up not knowing what you'll be doing most days and where your biggest worry is 'what's the weather today'.

I'll probably be skipping lots of blogs this summer and I'm sure you will too, but no worries, we'll keep in touch. I'll be around often…I need my blog…therapy is expensive, this blog is cheap. It's like sending your kids to summer camp…you never know when you're going to hear from them and when you don't, you're happy for them as you know they're busy off doing something fun. So I hope I don't see you here at least a couple of weeks this summer and that you're off vacationing with little umbrellas in your drinks, visiting family (the ones you like), or doing something equally as fun!

So is hunting season on now?

Why we need schools.

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