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Friday, June 5, 2009

6/05/09 Another Milestone

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Tonight is DS1's High School Graduation. I can't believe how fast time has flown by. It seems like yesterday that we moved here and he was entering 4th grade. OK, no tears, yet… them all for later today. We're really proud of how well he's done in school. He's graduating with honors (he's excited he gets to wear an honors stole). His senior project (a year long requirement for graduation here, they can pick any subject/project) was on student rights and his project was getting the School Board to pass a new bill to have a student sit on the School Board. He'd make a good lawyer…loves to argue his side about anything…trust me, I've been on the other side of that one too many times this year. He's decided to go into Engineering at PSU, and he's rooming with his best friend…they've played soccer and ref'd together since they were little, so he's really looking forward to it.

So another summer of me purchasing everything he'll need at school; it's my way of 'nesting' and feeling better about leaving him. I'm told boys don't take nearly as much stuff to school…DH will be glad to hear that as we've been moving DD around campus with her ever multiplying mountain of 'stuff' the past four years (and now it's all stuffed in her room and our basement).

Now, excuse me…I need to go get tissues ready for my 'cry-fest' tonight. Happy Friday all!!!

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