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Sunday, June 28, 2009

6/27/09 Orientation

We had a great couple of days at DS1’s college orientation at Penn State Univ. main campus. I had a captive audience in the car for 3.5 hours, so I took the laptop and we worked on the packing list and the ‘buy’ list for his room this fall.

Thursday we drove and then walked around campus…took some photos at the Joe Paterno statue at the stadium (ours attached) and at the Nittany Lion statue (DS1), near the Nittany Lion Inn where we stayed (old large inn run by the Hospitality Svcs. Dept.). It was so hot, so we stopped at the campus run famous Creamery (DS1 and DH pic…Food Sciences building…ice cream is mainly from the PSU cows- AG Dept.). Yes, I did have one scoop of the ‘Death by Chocolate’. Then we walked it off…PSU is a beautiful campus; we guessed about ½ the physical size of OSU where DH and I attended, but still a lot of walking (I have 2 blisters now to prove it). We had dinner at The Tavern on Main St. (for all you PSU fans-a salad and fillet strips and mushrooms over pasta with a red wine sauce, I didn’t eat the pasta or even all the fillet...chewed everything I ate to a pulp). More walking and we went back to the room to get online…freshman football tickets started availability that night and they sell out in less than an hour…GOT THEM! Yes, we’re already working on finding OSU/PSU tickets for DH and is there this year.

Orientation started at 7:15am Friday (Yikes, and DS1 had a friend who’s family got up at 2:30am to make it in on time…too early of a start for us). We got checked in, got his photo and student ID done and put some money on it (key and money source on campus), and we set him up with his bank that was there for an ATM/Debit card. Then we split up and spent the morning with the parents and the usual speakers getting us ready. Had lunch with DS1’s friend and his parents (we know them from the soccer team) and then we went to the Engineering building for their orientation and then fall scheduling. Thursday DH and I were talking up how great college life would be for DS1 and how we wished we were starting college again…well Friday when all the talk was about how hard the classes were that he’d have to pass and how everyone accepted in ENGR were in the top 10% of their graduating class we remembered the tough parts about college life LOL. He got scheduled and we were done before 6pm…3.25 hr. drive home…a long day. We came home exhausted, but excited for him and he’s thrilled with his selection to go there.

We’re spending this weekend rounding up the things we have at home on his packing list and starting our shopping lists of things to buy. I’m ‘nesting’ as usual…my boy will have the bin of every kind of medicine and first-aid equipment available…he’ll have way more then he needs of everything, but that’s what us Mom’s do when our kids fly the nest.

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