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Monday, June 8, 2009

6/8/09 Name That Tune

DS1 decided to have his graduation party next month (they go on all summer here). I'm making a DVD slide show set to music that plays music clips in the background. We set it up to play continuously where the food tables are so people can watch some/all as they arrive. I'm putting together the elements of it now; about 10 pics from each year of his life set sequentially and about 10-11 song clips; about 2 min. each. I have to finish soon as I send the scanned pics and music to an expert who makes it all look pretty.
I did the same thing as a surprise for DD's graduation party 4 years ago, so this time DS1 knows its coming and has been helping me screen some songs. DD is like me and likes a little bit of everything so it was easy to pick music for hers (and there were several daughter/girl songs). I ended up with a lot of country just because the lyrics worked well with little kid pictures. DS1's a rocker and doesn't like we found lots more rocker/current ones that he'll pick 2-3 from for his High School years. I need mostly songs that are appropriate for little kid pics and the growing up years as that's most of the pics/show. If you have any suggestions, or opinions, let me know!

Here's our working list that we've yet to narrow down.
- "My Wish" Rascall Flatts
- "Miracle" Celine Dion
- "Beautiful Boy" John Lennon OR Celine Dion
- "Somewhere over the Rainbow" Israel Kamakowiwo'ole
- "Days Go By" Keith Urban
- "Teach Your Children Well" Crosy, Stills, Nash & Young
- "Landslide" Stevie Nicks
OR Smashing Pumpkins
- "Good Riddance" (Time of Your Life) Green Day
- "Wonderful World" Louis Armstrong OR Joey Ramone
- "Times of Your Life" Paul Anka
OR Joanna Wang
- "Life is a Highway' Tom Cochrane
- "Forever Young" Rod Stewart
OR Bob Dylan
- ??"The Times are They are a Changing" Tracy Chapman OR Bob Dylan
- ??"Tough little boys" Gary Allan
- ??"Whenever You Remember" Carrie Underwood
- ??"Do I Make You Proud" Taylor Hicks

HS SONGS (Pick 2-3)
- "I'm Not Gonna Cry" Corey Smith
- "Friends Forever" Vitamin C
- "Name" Goo Goo Dolls
- "The Climb" Miley Cyrus
- "My Generation" The Who
- "This is Your Life" Switchfoot
- "Best Days" Graham Coulton
- "I Will Remember You" Ryan Cabrera
- "Here In This Diary" Ataris
- "But A Breath" The Wedding
- "No such thing" John Mayer
- "Please Remember" Leanne Rimes
- "Graduation Song" Amy Diamond
- "High School" The Friday Night Boys
*Noticably missing are "Unwritten" - Natasha B. and "I will Remember You"- Sarah M. (he nixed)

Others Ideas:
Simple Man by Lynard Skynard
Schools Out by Alice Cooper

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