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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

12/8/09 Deck the Halls...

We got our live tree for the foyer (I think it's 12' this year), as usual, the weekend after Thanksgiving. The boys got all my outside decorations up that weekend as well (Attached Pic 1- Front porch/door). I made the lighted garland, decorations and the Williamsburg arch over the door. Everything is now on the tree (Attached Pic 2- This year's tree), and all the decorations are finally up around the house, except my kids displays which they will do (Christmas dollhouse, train set, and monorail). Lest I repeat myself, If you want, you can read more about my Christmas obsession at last years blogs:
12/4/08 Fa la-la-la-la...
The tree/ornaments:
12/29/08 It looks like someone threw up ornaments on our tree!

Oh, and if you're wondering why my mantle has a nativity with a pink light in it that makes it look more like a brothel than a crèche (Attached Pic 3), then you must read my last year's blog with my very favorite family Christmas read: 12/17/08 I Believe in Santa!
In this pic you can also see 2 of the 3 cradles my kids made on the 12/6/08 Traditions...What's in Your Shoes?

I love setting the Dining Room table for Christmas (Attached Pic 4 & 5- Dining Room). I made the decorations and fruit cone on the table. My MIL gave her pieces of Lenox Holiday Christmas china that someone had given her and that got me started on setting up service for the holidays. I didn't select a china when we got married as our everyday setting was expensive, so it's fun for me to set out this china once a year.

So get going folks and Deck the Halls!!

*In response to Comments:

-LOL...4 yr. degree in Art Education and I'm burning myself with a glue gun LOL (nothing you all couldn't do...well, minus the burns. See those three straight vases on the Dining room buffet/left...drop in some burns!), but thanks! And Michelle, as a former art Teacher I LOVE snowflakes!!! When my three were little my house was loaded with those and kiddie vinyl clings on the windows that they rearranged daily!

Kay- I'll try to take more pics tomorrow of my tiny kitchen tree (it limits you to 5 attachments).

-Yep DB, just one of my many collections...I have some candles in some of them and turn ornaments upside down in some for the holidays...they sparkle with the candles burning. Hope you had a great holiday! -BG

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