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Friday, December 11, 2009

12/11/09 Friday Facts

- I lost THREE pounds this week (don't ask me how)! One more pound until my ¾ Goal! Remind me of this happiness when I'm whining about a gain next week...and (judging from my pattern getting to my last ten pound head)...the next 10 weeks after that.


- I woke up to another bad UTI this morning…WTHeck! Yes, I took the right Cranberry (pain) pills this time, and I left a message for the doc, whom I just visited for my physical Wed., that I need an Rx. Please say a prayer that they don't make me drive the 40 min. to their office, or it will be time for my 'almost a diaper' pads again.

- Scratch that…they called and I had to go in (no more phone in Rx's)…there's 2 hours I'll never get back…if I didn't love our PCP so much I'd get one closer (guess it's a good thing I went as she thinks I have an antibiotic resistant UTI…and she thinks it's a continuation from the last one…testing underway). I keep telling them they need an office up North as I alone can keep them in business (you know it's bad when the Receptionist greeted me with a 'You're back again!').


- DH was sick at home from work yesterday…no, you don't understand…he hasn't taken off work in, I believe, 10 years (broken leg then). He managed to drag himself to work this morning for a meeting, (they can't live without him) but I'm guessing he'll be back soon (must…type…faster…). It has been confirmed that he's never allowed to retire (men are no fun when they're sick…I love my DH).

- School had a two hour delay this morning due to the wind chill factor temperature…How dare they invade on my time…I hate getting that automated phone call...better go make the most of my last few moments alone...I'm guessing I'll be spending most of it in the bathroom (stupid UTI).

Have a great weekend all!

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