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Monday, December 14, 2009

12/14/09 Christmas Cards

Well, Mom seems to have forgiven me for not coming out there over Christmas. She didn't realize that DS1 has Finals through this Friday night...get this; his last final ends at 8:45pm...YES, I said PM!!! FRIDAY NIGHT!!! What are these Professors, crazy? Anyway, DS1 call us three times last night seeing if we would pick him up on Friday (we were going on Saturday morning). According to him, he'll be ‘the last student on campus’…so DH is going to get him Friday.
Mom & Dad are coming Sat. for two nights now, and I can’t wait! Back to wrapping…

*In response to Comments:

Kathy- Yep, I'm not thrilled about DH/DS1 driving 4 hours starting off after 9pm. It's mostly back roads (Happy Valley is in the middle of nowhere).

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