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Thursday, November 5, 2009

11/5/09 14's!

DD's been busy so last night DH insisted on taking me out to get a new pair of jeans for our trip this weekend (off to see DS1)...apparently my old high-top relaxed fit Mom jeans are baggy in all the wrong places. The kids have been telling me daily that my pants are too big.

Finding a perfect pair of jeans is hard these days!!! Do you want waist-high, mid-rise, low-rise, curvy, skinny, tummy panel, stretch, straight-leg, boot-cut, and don't get me started on all the colors, wear marks, and decorations. Then I had to decide on length…I've lost an inch (down to just under 5'9") so now regulars are too short and longs are too long.

Well, I sent DH on to the other store to pick up a prescription while I got to work. He was back about the time I finally decided what I was looking for and I knew I had work fast and be out within 30 min. (he didn't get the shopping gene). I took about 8 pair into the dressing room…all too big? I tentatively came back out and sent DH to grab some 14's…THEY FIT!!!! OK, the size 14's now are more generous than when I last wore 14's many moons ago, but THEY FIT!!! My 16's, I've been wearing, I've been back into twice in the last 10 years, but 14's…I believe that was several children ago. Size 24 to a 14...awesome.

I ended up with some dark blue (no wear lines on the front- the horizontal lines across my hips and thighs made my widest part look wider), plain pocket (I don't need decorations on the back pockets drawing attention to my bum), mid-rise (no more 'Mom Jeans'), straight leg, 14L's (hope they shrink a tiny bit). OK, they're not the coolest pair of jeans, but I'll have plenty of time to look for those…maybe, just maybe…when I reach a size 12!

The nicest part came as we got back in the car (within 30 min. I might add). DH said 'You've been working so hard to get the weight off, you needed a pair of jeans that fit you…you look great!' A nice NSV...

Well we're off tomorrow to PSU to see DS1 and I can't wait to see him. We're all going to the big game (OSU-PSU Look for us, we'll be the only ones in Red as it's a PSU White-Out) and yes, DS1 and his buds have been tenting in Paternoville all week (he says he's freezing). It's been killing me that the fraternity has kept him there on the weekends we had planned. If it wasn't for DH I would have packed up and gone out there just to see him between classes...I know, I know...time to let go a little.

Saturday is my stay tuned!

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