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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

11/10/09 Game Weekend

We had a great weekend! OK, I gained 5 pounds in TWO days…sigh…not sure how that is even possible, not the best choices, but 5 pounds? I listed what I ate below, but I also drank some wine/beer-plenty, but not in excess. We got to PSU around 4:30pm and picked up DS1 at his dorm. I was SO happy to see him again. You talk to your kids when they're away, but there's something about seeing them that really helps to know they're alright; especially their first semester. I looked him up and down just to make sure…he'd gotten a haircut and hasn't gained the Freshman 15 yet-could probably used it (not sure what I expected…disheveled hair, signs of depression or severe homesickness?). He looked…happy…I was breathing easy again.

We went over to see the fraternity house (where he wants to live next year). They'd had a Social (party) the night before…let's just say it looked like a house where thirty some college boys live (feet sticking to the floor...think 'Animal House'). DH's house was the same in college. The 'brothers' were really nice…they were all painting the upstairs hall and they're in the process of refinishing the downstairs oak floors so they were really proud of their work. We found out DS1's pledge name is 'Twilight' because he looks like the lead (Robert Pattinson).

We met my SIL and her family (and my PSU Goddaughter) for dinner at The Corner (1 crab cake and 1 rib) and then we went back to the rental house. We left for the tailgate Saturday about 9:30am (coffee and ¼ bagel w/cream cheese). One of SIL's neighbors and several of the neighbors PSU Alumni friends joined us, so we had 5 cars tailgating. It was a great tailgate…lots of great food and some games to play (ate mostly dips/chips and a small piece of steak, probably more than a cup since it was over 4.5 hours). It was a beautiful football day…over 60 degrees and sunny (unusually warm for November).

We had one problem with a large group of students (and about 8 parents who stood by and did absolutely nothing) throwing food and a football at us and an OSU/PSU mixed group between us (in our OSU gear with our mainly PSU tailgate) and them (they'd had too much to drink). It started when one of the group next to us was waving an OSU flag so that someone coming to the tailgate could find them. One PSU young Alumni told me he went over and tried to talk to the students and get them to stop as they'd hit his wife in the face with a football…they just jeered at him. DD was really upset that someone stole two small OSU flags off one of our games…I tried to calm her down and let her know that you get out of control people at every school. That put a damper on things for a little while, but we still had a great tailgate with our OSU/PSU mixed group…we just ignored them.
They gave out this button everywhere
DS1 and his friends came over to tailgate for awhile…it didn't surprise me a bit that he came in full face paint (paw print logo he drew on his face and even his hair was painted white. He was thrilled that he was going to sit in the 'Seniors Section' and got to be in row 4 (students all in one section in the end zone and around one corner by class-best seats for Seniors and Paternoville) since he'd done the campout at Paternoville with 10 of his friends.

The game started at 3:30pm and it was a perfect night. The PSU stadium is really nice and the 'Whiteout' the students had was really impressive (voted best student section in the nation-ESPN). They give out white 'shaker poms' to each student and it's cool to watch all the synchronized things they do to music and chants. It got really cold soon as the sun went down, but I'd outfitted all of us with hats, gloves and scarves and had extra chemical hand-warmers to pass out to the group. OSU won. We had a late dinner (few chips/dip-PB'd them up eating too fast, and few bites of a hotdog) back at the house (some family drama, but I'll save that for tomorrow). (you tube- student section at the game)

We picked up DS1 early (don't think he had even 4 hours of sleep that night LOL) and we all went to breakfast (1 scrambled egg and about ½C of oatmeal) with SIL's family and said our goodbyes. We picked up all our camping gear (Paternoville) back at DS1's dorm and walked over to the Creamery (Food Sciences run shop) for an ice cream (I did have a chocolate shake) and to finally have a chance to just talk to DS1...he'd made an appointment with a counselor this week to discuss switching majors, so we'll see what comes out of that meeting…it's reassuring to see he's being proactive and handling things well. He's having a blast at school, making lots of friends, and getting involved…it's as much a part of the college experience and becoming an adult as getting a degree is and we're happy he's adjusting to college so well!


Attached Pics:
- My family spelling O-H-I-O
- Student Section at PSU

*In response to Comments:

-I sat next to a guy who just graduated and was in the PSU Blue Band last year...he was telling us lots of great stories...halftime is the best! OK, I'll bite...what's the '12th Man'?

Yeah, still up 4 pounds this morning...incredible...sigh.

-Whacky weight!! Kathy- Today I'm down 2.5 from yesterday and I ate like normal...that puts me up 1.5 from last Friday...OK, 1.5 I can understand. Having the partial hysterectomy I have no clue when I'm cycling, so maybe that's it. Thanks for the support GF!

-ld- Wow cool student section and neat story! ...and I'm still up a pound sigh.

DanBar- LOL! No, but some beer! I'm always amazed at the things people choose argue over here...I will not get sucked in...not...not...not...

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