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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

11/24/09 Holiday Cheer

I'm channeling my creativity (so I don't take it out on the Thanksgiving pie this year)…I just finished making my annual Christmas decoration exchange items. I was behind again this year in thinking of an idea (as if I'm ever ahead), so I drug (dragged?) DH to the stores with me this weekend looking for inspiration. There wasn't much to inspire out there this year, so as usual, I made up my own. We've been doing these so many years I realized I've never made anything for the kitchen, so that was my inspiration. I made a decoration to hang from a cupboard or other place in the kitchen with a pick, handmade bows and some cookie cutters and ribbon…OK, not all that creative, but I had to make a bunch of these and mail them out soon and these went together quickly (pic attached).
Could you hear me? I was playing the holiday music and singing my way through my crafts the last two mornings (much to my family's complaints). I know, I know, I'm the first one to say when I'm in the stores 'What's up with the Christmas music? It's not even Thanksgiving yet!!!' , but it sure got me in the mood to make Christmas decorations. So if your feeling a little blah heading into the holidays (been hearing a lot of that lately here), crank up the music, make a craft or bake some cookies (and freeze them, of course, so you won't be tempted)…it will get you in the spirit, I promise.

Put them all in bikinis and that will keep you from eating them!
I took the leftovers and made a whole string of holiday cookie cutters with picks and ribbon at each end for over my kitchen sink window (pic attached). I think I need to get some more ribbon and picks and pull the center up with a big bow or something for a focal point. You know me, over-decoritis is my affliction when it comes to the can never have too many holiday decorations!

*In response to Comments:

Thanks gals...and Happy Holidays (Stay out of the cookies Dz!). Oh, and DH didn't like the window one (OK, I did ask him)...guess it needs some work. -BG

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