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Monday, November 23, 2009

11/23/09 Let The Festivities Begin!

My baby boy (DS1) is home from college for the week and the holidays have begun. He was sick as a dog before he got home, but besides the cough, he's better now. I made a Dr.'s appointment for him this morning and he's getting his last flu shot (swine). DH and I got our swine flu shots finally on Friday. DS1 and I probably both already had the swine flu, but they said we should get the shot anyway as there's a possibility it could have been something else…either that or we'll turn into swine.

We had a great weekend! We had our first fire in the fireplace and the Yule log is still around after 2 nights of fires. The kids made our traditional annual Gingerbread house (no, not this one, but pic attached)…a little early, but they were looking for something to do together. DH and I shared one of those 'looks' while they were busy icing and decorating, where we were having a 'kid moment'…our babies are all home, it's the Holidays, and they're all working together happily and laughing.

I set the Thanksgiving table and buffet to get everyone in the mood (pic attached). The fridges are full of things waiting to be made. Yes, I'm cooking…stop laughing…no, I mean it, stop!…I've got recipes and I promise to follow them. I'll have to tell you though that the refrigerated pastry crust for the pumpkin pie came in a two pack and it's very tempting to get creative with that second crust…(in case you didn't read my cooking creativity moments READ HERE). Let the festivities begin!

*In response to Comments:

-Con- Thanks! The oak DR set (table, buffet, and not in the photo-serving table and 6 chairs-the chairs are in the basement waiting to be refinished) is from my MIL's parents home, so it's probably from about the 20's (her mom was 40 when she was born). They fit with the rest of our traditional home. Have a great Thanksgiving with the family! It seems like yesterday I was having what I thought would be my 'last Thanksgiving'...I've since learned I'll be having the same things, just smaller amounts this year! -BG

kc- Yeah, amazingly they all got my 'artistic gene'...along with some not so good ones I passed on (but so far, no evidence of the 'fat gene' as they're all skinny).

-drowsy- Your boys will LOVE this, and you can even get prebaked kits at the craft stores to put together. We've been doing this with our kids every year since my oldest was 2 and now she's 22 and still looks forward to it...they had a blast!

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