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Monday, May 4, 2009

5/3/09 Pomp and Circumstance

Well, it was a looooooong weekend, but I've finally collapsed into a chair. Everything went really well…couldn't have been better and my chest pain is much better, only a deep breath hurts now. The dinner party for DD's college graduation was a hit (I can't believe I don't have any juicy stories to tell).
My side of the family arrived right after lunchtime (DH's side was already here), and so we had all the appetizers (I made) and drinks then moved everything outside. The weather couldn't have been better…it was supposed to be off/on rain and 50's, but it was sunny and in the high 60's, so we were able to enjoy the outdoors and some activities (Frisbee, bocce, badmitton, baggo, etc.; and I was able to sneak in and clean up the mess before round II). I was chugging down the Special K20 protein water to help me get through all the food porn. One of my sister's thought I was drinking red wine out of a, as she laughingly called it 'sippy cup' (plastic mug with a lid). Twice when I've been at fancy family events (while dressed in white) I've dribbled red wine down the front of me, and no, I'm not a lush...just a clutz (I didn't correct her…let her think it was wine).

The caterer arrived on time with huge amounts of yummy (I'm told) foods…I could SO get used to someone cooking for me. The head hunger was hard and with that amount available, I didn't just want 'a bite' a wanted 'a big honking plate full'. At one point I was standing in front of that enormous amount of goodies thinking 'What the heck did I do?', but my next thought was 'I've finally done something that will help me and I just need to provide a smidgen of willpower, especially until the Sweet Spot.' It worked out really well that it was a buffet and there were so many people that they were eating in several rooms. I ran around making sure everyone was taken care of, refilling drinks, etc. Another sis was helping me out and kept commenting that she wasn't going to eat until I sat down to eat and took a break (uh, oh…I'm on liquids and no one knows about the LB). Luckily I got called away so I told her to go ahead and I'd join her in a minute. I was holding my breath that I'd get through this party unnoticed. In all the commotion no one noticed that I didn't eat… …WHEW! My family saw me at Easter so they knew I'd been trying to lose weight so I had some questions/comments about how I was doing. I gave my pat "eating half as much to be half as big" and "lifestyle change, slow loss" answers. So now everyone knows I'm on my way down (yet again) and they won't be shocked to see more weight loss the next time we see them.

I'm so glad it all went smoothly! At one point I remember we were watching the DVD I had made for DD's HS graduation with pics of her growing up set to music (some there hadn't seen it). I looked over at DD and she was smiling from ear to ear, laughing and chatting up all the memories with both sides of our family…it was all worth it.

The actual graduation was today and most of the company had long drives home, so they couldn't attend (it's 3 hours round trip drive to the college). The group that went set out in cold, cloudy weather (I'm not complaining after yesterday's wonderful weather). We were wondering if the outdoor ceremony would be cancelled (we only had 2 parent tickets if we had to move indoors). It did start drizzling as we drew near, but they held it anyway. We did OK with our umbrellas and rain ponchos wrapped over our legs. DD was all smiles as she received her diploma then walked right in front of us back to her seat (click, click, click…cameras whirling).

We went to lunch and I'd forgotten to bring some liquids that I can have (I'm going to have to be better about planning things). I winged it and made do with an iced tea and a large bowl of chicken noodle soup (well, just the broth). In the afternoon we attended the Business college (International Studies was at the same time so she had to choose one to go to) special ceremony which was indoors (of course by now it was beautiful outside). We made the drive home and now I've about passed out (so sorry for the boring stilting writing…I'm only half here). I probably over-did it this weekend (I kept finding myself bending over…not a good thing, and not taking anything stronger than Tylenol made for a somewhat painful weekend), but tomorrow I'll try to rest up. Thank you all for your support, I truly was thinking of you as I was trying to overcome the head hunger and sneaking in my protein shakes…if you can do this, so can I!


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