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Monday, May 11, 2009

5/11/09 Proms and Moms

I had a great busy weekend. DS1's Prom was on Saturday. It's a mixed blessing to see your kids growing into adults…you're so proud of them, and yet you're sad that you've lost that small child that was so dependent on you. I missed not helping to pick out the outfit like the 'great prom dress hunt' DD and I enjoyed 4 years ago.

It's different with boys…he took his date to the tux shop and she helped him select something complimentary to her dress. For his first dance I'd gone with him to pick out the flowers, but this year he went with a group of his friends to the florist, and he did a great job (and he bought me a beautiful flower arrangement for Mother's Day). It's hard sometimes watching them become independent adults. We had fun watching him getting ready (I did get to help with a little hair gel-40-50 mph winds) and then meeting at a friend's home with about a dozen couples going for pictures. We took pics for about an hour and then off they went to dinner and then the 'Grand March' (televised march of each couple being introduced under an arch, indoors because of the wind) before boarding the buses for prom. He had a blast! *Pic attached minus faces, since I don't have their permission.

Mother's Day was wonderful! We cleaned out our small pond/waterfall I built out back…my least favorite job of the year (involves netting the 2 dozen goldfish, emptying the pond and waterfall, cleaning all the muck, repotting all the stinky pond plants, and then putting it all back…a huge job), so it was great to have help. We actually started this Sat. and didn't finish until Sunday. The kids pitched in Sunday on planting all the flats of annuals I'd bought too…another big job. It was the best Mother's Day gift of all to have them all happily helping with something I usually have to do on my own. We finished early afternoon and then the kids took me to a movie matinee, Star Trek (BTW it was a great movie, we all loved it).

I did splurge with some refried beans/salsa DD made me for dinner (mushies-a day ½ earlier than I should have). I can tell you that although my band is wide open I either ate them too fast or too much because I definitely got that 'hurt' feeling in my chest that I had right after surgery. It was a good reminder to take things slowly and measure everything. I go to the doc tomorrow morning for my post-op visit and to get cleared for mushies for the next 3 weeks.

It was the perfect weekend!

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