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Friday, April 13, 2012

4/13/12 London Anniversary

Yes, we're celebrating our anniversary in London, Elizabeth and I. OK, Elizabeth for 60 years on the throne (Diamond Jubilee, I'll be a little early for the party) and me (and DH) for our 30th wedding anniversary.

I'm off to London in about three weeks and I'm just starting the planning (so once again, I'll be on hiatus here).  Again, the 'almost OCD' planner in me is having an anxiety attack, but I know it will all work out.  DH booked the airline (freq. flyer) and the hotel (freq. stay + every Amex point he had) long ago...have I mentioned we're at a FIVE STAR hotel (Doubletree Hilton- Regent Street)?!!  I've been joking we'll not be able to afford even pub grub for all the tipping we'll have to do at the hotel LOL.  OK, the hotel isn't that important to us as we're out and about when we travel, but it's in a great location, just above Trafalgar Square.

OK, you Londoners and globe trekkers, give me your best tips (both of our first trip there)!  Just so you know us;  We're going for 10 nights (9 full days) there (based at one hotel only).  I've got books and won't miss any of the main museums/sites.  I'm looking at probably two day-trips outside London (probably Cambridge, and Bath or York, or?).  We like to live/eat with the locals and prefer small family run places (I use the Rick Steves books to plan and love the walks that get you away from all the tourists).  We tour during the day and relax at small, local non-touristy restaurants for leisurely dinners. 

I would love some tips on any non-main touristy things you'd recommend, places to eat (sorry, no Indian/Caribbean as DH is allergic to all peppers, even non-spicy ones) and great, local pubs.  DH bought a 'Great Pubs In London' book...he's looking forward to great beer every day (after hardly being able to find one on our Paris trip...I tried to win him over to the wine, to no avail...he loves a hoppy IPA and craft beers).  And what to wear...we don't dress down when traveling, comfortable, but decent, so, will things like black tights, black riding boots and a rain coat still be in, or is it more Spring attire now? 

I was reading my London book on the way home from Disney and the young, handsome (Caribbean looking) gentleman next to me on the plane turned out to be a Brit (here on a basketball scholarship, looking to get into the NBA)...he was so excited to see me looking over the Tube map and then to tell me everything, but I was shocked at how hard of a time I had understanding him...I had to ask him to write out a few of the places he was recommending (I thought we spoke their language LOL!).  I loved learning some French before our last trip for the Frogs, so now I'm brushing up on my British for our holiday.

I plan to knock up early and ride the Tube every day if I can suss it out, using my Oyster card and faf about until elevenses (something I thought the Hobbits made up), or until we're knackered.  I'll be on my bum at a chippie for first (or are they both just 'dinner) dinner most days finding craic with some mates...getting a cuppa late afternoon and later some bangers and mash or a pasty, of course with a pint, not a fizzy, and maybe even some afters, but I don't like floss or jelly.  We love a good car boot sale so tell us where they are (and I'm planning the Portebello, Spitafields and the three East End Markets).  I only hope the loo's aren't as few and hard to figure out as the ones in Paris or I'll need new knickers (or maybe a nappy LOL)...(and I hope the PB's aren't a problem).  Don't want to look tatty (will I need a jumper now?)!  Speaking of which, what do you LB'ed Brits order, just starters, or something like a faggot, or is it expected to always order a main?

Did I just offend a whole country?  Has my passport been revoked yet?  Please LET ME IN!

If any of you Londoners want to meet up for a pint in the evening for a top hole mental time, just send me a note!

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Catherine55 said...

Have the best time! LOL re the Britspeaking!! :)

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