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Friday, January 28, 2011

1/28/11 Simple Addition


(Snowblower Virgin)

Can someone please tell me if it's even possible to use one of these without it all blowing back into your face?

(Teething Kitten...I thought only puppies chewed shoes)

(Asparagus Fern)
(What greets me every morning)
My plants will all be bald soon.


'The Fill that Wasn't' (or 'Goal Limbo Revisited'):

Apparently the doc's my hospital were getting to take over the practice have been changed before they arrived. They called to cancel my long awaited fill appointment and promised they would call me with new availability very soon (they mentioned a few days)...

...that was three weeks ago...

...still holding onto (by my fingernails...make that my LB) 160-165...


Have I mentioned lately how important the Sweet Spot is?


Libby said...

Oh BG, sorry to hear that you are in fillus interuptus. I'd be calling every day pestering them. But that's me - not very patient.

I have not had a live plant in my house since I got my cat - 11 years ago! Sometimes they don't grow out of it. You might try growing a pot of grass just for the kitten. Sometimes that works. You can get the right grass seed at PetSmart.

Bonnie said...

I can feel your no fill pain. I was supposed to get a fill by fluoro yesterday, but was cx cause of the snow. Rescheduled for next Thursday, but see snow in the forecast for Wed night. ARGHHH!!! Love the pics. You look so cute. It's so funny because my hubby was telling me about "The Beast" yesterday. I told him at $1,000 or so he's gonna have to settle for more of a Son of the Beast version.

diane said...

Why can't we just do our own fills!?! (you know I'm half serious!)
PS: I do LOVE those conjoined toes!

Mo said...

Sorry they are making you wait on a fill...

On the fern front, dropping leaves means it is too dry. Don't worry ferns can be revived from the stumps so just make sure you keep it moist. Put it in the sink and water it really really well about once a week/fortnight, maybe a little more often in the recovery stage!

~Lisa~ said...

I loved your photos!! Thank you for sharing! I hope you get your fill soon!

Sandy Lee said...

I landed on my butt using my snowblower when I got to the end of the drive. Laughed my head off. Thank god it stops moving when you release the go forward bar thingy.

I am sure you will lose the plant. The cat must love jumping at it. But so cute.

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