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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1/18/11 Three New Bedrooms

As expected DH and I spent a few hours Saturday morning and then 5 hours on Sunday finishing up the installs down at DD's new apartment. She's got a few boxes left to unpack, but we're finally done. I forgot to take pictures of the living area downstairs, but here's her new attic bedroom.

The stairs up are on the other side of this half wall (we put a sound reducing curtain at the bottom for a 'door'). Lots of low 'knee wall' ceiling space in her room and not a lot of it where you can stand up, so figuring out furniture wasn't easy (and I can't tell you how many times my 6'4" DH hit his head). Here's the newly repainted and recovered chair, dresser (you can only stand by the dresser before the slope begins) and bookcase (and we added a board between for a computer desk).

The rest of the tour continues counter-clockwise. Here's the top of the stairs on the far right (crap to go home at the top of it), bins and cupboards and closet door. This is her old desk and she bought a mirror that fit perfectly, so we painted it all plus a chair and now it's her vanity (full bath door to left of it and here's one of the newly beaded lampshades).

Here's the tall dresser (she can just stand in front of it) and a peek at the metal and ceramic new white knobs we bought for all the old furniture. We forgot the curtain rod that will cover this furnace closet I guess we're not quite done LOL.

Continuing counter-clockwise is the bed in the main sloped area, with the new bedding and tufted headboard...

...and here's the bench we recovered with the baskets underneath.
Here's one of the two old couches we gave her...with a slipcover and the new pillows. The ceiling gets so low we had to pull the couch out about 10" or you couldn't sit on it...leaving a weird gap behind the I put a long shelf on the wall (extra storage under the shelf and a pic gallery on top).
And here's the last look of the dormer window.
And back at home DS2 was off school yesterday so we spent the afternoon figuring out and making covers for the kitten beds we bought (he picked 'Beatles' fabric, and I picked 'PSU' for DS1's cat).
What's that sticking out you ask? Why these aren't just kitten beds anymore...
We made them with a pocket so they're a whole kitten bedroom!
So there are my THREE redecorated new bedrooms...DONE!


Jacquie said...

That is the most adorable picture! Love the kitten bedroom! You may be on to something!

~Lisa~ said...

Oh my heavens, what glorious rooms!! You are so incredibly talented! When are you coming to do my place????

The kitten photo is the best!! Thank you for sharing!

amandakiska said...

What funny kittens! That reminds me of when my orange cat was a kitten he'd crawl under the laundry room door. There was probably a 3" gap which was plenty when he was two months, but by the time he was five or six months he practically had to dislocate a hip to get under. Cats are silly!

Darlin1 said...

You are sooooo talented!! Love the kitten photo's!


Bandita Senorita said...

Beautiful always. And the kitten rooms are super adorable!!!

THE DASH! said...

What a gorgeous job you guys did and lol to the cat. Love the pic with just the legs sticking out and voila... there he/she is.

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