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Monday, December 27, 2010


Or should I say Merry Kittymas?!

Two brothers for our two brothers !
We rescued two tiny kitties for the boys. I took them to the vet right away as they were in bad shape (very thin, one was very sedentary, and we had to pick leaves dirt, and other varmints off them). They have every kind of parasite, fleas, mites, and all the worms you can name. It got almost funny after they got stool and blood samples...the Assistant kept coming back into the room to announce to the Vet 'Kitten 1 positive for____' or 'Kitten 2 positive for ___'. They tested positive for everything except feline leukemia (longer test), which she ran out to tell me while I was paying ($400 for our 'free kitty's' LOL), and we both did a little cheer for the one thing they don't have. They came home with three different meds and they can't start their shots until they're stronger...hopefully at next week's visit. They've been quarantined to one area on the tile (kitchen & mudroom/laundry) until the Vet clears them as flea free. The worms/parasites will take awhile though (and I'm being a clean freak and making everyone scrub out as the worms can be transferred to there's a diet that works!).

The long hair is DS1's and he named him Beauregard H. Cat (Beau for short), and will be staying with DS1 at school when he's well enough to go (he's in a single next semester).

The short hair is DS2's and he named him Tucker (Tuck for short)...DS2 just finished many years of allergy shots last month and is on maintenance now, and hopefully my asthma will be OK now that I'm on all the meds (my Doc thinks so).

Don't think we forgot DD...she moves into her apartment in a few days and long ago we promised her a dog when she got out on her own (she's carefully contemplating it/small breeds now).
Got to parents surprised us and are now coming tomorrow (with my middle sis) for a few days and the house is covered with 'Christmas Fallout'.
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!!


Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Wow! I am not much of a cat person, but they are adorable! I love their names too!

~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh my heavens!! They are simply precious!!!

Lee Ann said...

OMGsh! You STOLE my baby name! Tucker is the name for my third child! If I decide to have another baby that is. And ***if*** it happens to be another boy. (I have 2 already). HAHAHAHA. But I'm serious. His name is Tucker Martin. Tuck for short. So, I love it! My friends say, "You know what that rhymes with don't you?" Why yes. Yes I do. So I already have it planned out. On the birth announcement, in small letters, we will write, "Yes we know what it rhymes with."

And in other news, I go for my last weigh-in at Magee on January 3 and then my paperwork should be submitted for approval. :) Getting nervous!

Ginger aka Gidget said...


Sandy Lee said...

They are so adorable (the kids too!). And thanks for rescueing the kitties. They are so lucky that someone cared.

diane said...

Pure cuteness all around! Tell DD that a big dog in a small package is a mini-daschund!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the good news about the rescue and the kittens are so sweet. I had a (Money) cat when I was a little girl. A golden orange kitten with an "M" in the middle of her forehead. I am not a cat person now but that was the best cat I ever had.

I am up in Vermont on vacation and out of all the snow the Northeast got we managed to get only 4 inches in the mountains. On the Coast where I live they got almost 20 inches. I will take fresh powder in any amount now that I am skiing again. We could have used that amount here. Making the most of it. Best wishes.

Wishing you a Happy New Year Love, imaluckydog

sdh5463 said...

OMG... They are (or at least were) Precious!!! I am a very big cat person as you know I have 3. and these to little boys are just adorable!!! Tell the boys that I love the names they picked too

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